CIMA Syllabus – Exam Resources

Exam resources for the current case study exam – November 2020/February 2021

In this section, you can find the latest CIMA pre-seen documents for the current CIMA Case Study sitting, as well as any interim examiner’s reports.

The pre-seen documents are scheduled to be released on: 25th September 2020 (OCS) – 2nd October 2020 (MCS/Gateway) – 9th October 2020 (SCS)


Every sitting, our Case Study tutors get their heads together to complete a full analysis of the pre-seen company, the industry, how the theory can be applied and what the most likely issues are likely to be tested in the final exams.

Find out more and watch our sample analysis videos using the links below:

Exam resources from previous exam – May/August 2020

In this section you can access the pre-seen documents and examiner’s reports for the previous CIMA Case Study sitting, as well as the links to our pre-seen analysis videos archive playlist on YouTube.

Past Case Study resources

Use the dropdown boxes below to access past pre-seen documents and examiner’s reports.

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