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Dedicated to helping you pass your objective test exams

Ever since our first CIMA course over 14 years ago, Astranti have become renowned for what are probably the most comprehensive CIMA courses on the market,  dedicated to giving you the best advice and support to help you pass first time.

And our courses are great value too!

Compared to the Official CIMA Provider’s course, we offer more course content designed to add even more flexibility to your studies, and yet, without their overheads, we’re able to make our courses cheaper too!

Together with great tutor support from our team of dedicated E2, F2 and P2 tutors, a personal mentor to support you through the exam and our bespoke materials, known for their clarity and simplicity, you can see why students love the courses so much – we have an excellent Trustpilot rating from over 550 reviews.

This is combined with a double guarantee that means you can try your course and check it’s right for you without any obligation to continue, while also knowing that you’ll only ever need to buy the course once, with no threat of losing it if you take a little longer to pass!

Read on to find out more…

“Excellent resources (study notes and videos) along with excellent, friendly, knowledgeable tutors and staff. Would really recommend this provider as great value for money and could not have asked for more support throughout the exam process.”

Immy B

CIMA Objective Test Student, July 2021

CIMA E2 Course

Focused on what it takes to pass

Our course is designed with one thing in mind…

Getting you through the exam

Plus a pass guarantee for peace of mind

CIMA F2 Course

Minimise your study time

Easy-to-consume content, making complex topics simple

Detailed explanations and solutions to help your learning

Tutor support when you need it through our discussion hub

CIMA P2 Course

Great value for money

The most comprehensive objective test course

High-quality materials prepared by our highly trained team

With installment options to help spread the payments

Course content

Our goal is to make the Astranti Premium Course the most comprehensive on the market.

Over more than 15 years of teaching CIMA students we’ve considered exactly what students need to support you in order to give you everything you need to pass.

So what exactly do you get?

“I started my CIMA journey with Astranti using the tuition videos, revision notes, practice questions, mock exams and other materials including the case study analysis pack, I have been able to complete 9 OT exams and 3 case studies in 8 months! I cannot recommend the materials enough. The on demand setup allows each student to work at their own pace and also has a structure for those looking to complete this in that way. Thank you Astranti!!”


CIMA Qualified, October 2022

Printable study texts
  • Full CIMA syllabus coverage
  • Designed to simplify complex topics to make them easy to follow
  • Simple examples are used to bring each topic to life
  • Covers everything you need to know to pass the exam
  • Regularly updated based on student feedback to continuously improve the learning experience

More information

Tuition videos
  • Full CIMA syllabus coverage
  • Presented in a clear, simple way to help you learn quickly and easily
  • Learn at your own pace, watching each video when it suits you
  • Revisit the areas of the syllabus that you find most challenging
  • Download audio versions to listen on the move

Exclusive to the course

Exam practice kits
  • 20 revision questions per chapter to cement your knowledge learned
  • 10 difficult exam questions per chapter equivalent to the hardest you’ll see in the exam
  • Over 400 questions per module!
  • Our solutions are detailed! Understand exactly where you went wrong quickly and simply.

More information

Mock exams
  • 5 mock exams of 60 exam-style questions
  • Can be sat under timed conditions to replicate a real exam
  • Can be taken on a question-by-question basis to learn as you go
  • Detailed solutions so you understand where you went wrong quickly and easily

More information

Revision notes
  • Designed to enable you to revise quickly and easily in the last few days before the exam
  • Full syllabus coverage
  • Content aligned to the study text and videos to link to previous learning
  • Diagramatic form which is ideal for visual learners

More information

Question debrief series
  • 100 practice questions to help you see all of the different types of questions you may be faced with in the exams
  • Each question has also been analysed by our CIMA tutors in specialist debrief videos, showing you exactly how you should approach them

More information

Video presentations
  • Make your own way through our tuition videos with our interactive presentations
  • Print the presentation slides from our tuition videos to help with note-taking and capturing the key information you need to learn

Exclusive to the course

Mock exam generator
  • 5 additional mock exams created from our mock exam generator to allow you to test yourself as much as possible
  • Fully timed to help you improve your exam technique
  • Detailed solutions at the end to help you learn from your mistakes

Exclusive to the course

Exam technique guide
  • Learn how to optimise your revision
  • Ensure you are using each of the course materials in the most effective way possible
  • Know everything there is to know about the objective test exams so there are no nasty surprises on the day
  • Follow our top tips for tackling each type of exam question and maximise your marks

Exclusive to the course

Personal course mentor
  • Support from your assigned mentor from the first day of the course to the last
  • They’ll help you work your way through the course at a good pace, keeping up with your desired schedule and hitting the course deadlines as you go with regular catch up emails, video calls, or a combination of the two – whatever works for you!
  • On hand to answer your questions or guide you in the direction you need

Exclusive to the course

Tutor expertise and Discussion hub
  • Ask our tutors further questions and get the answers you need to help you progress through your studies
  • Join the student/tutor conversation on our discussion hub and learn alongside your peers

Exclusive to the course

Tutor & Mentor support

There are so many benefits to studying online, like flexibility, cost savings and the ability to study at your own pace.

However, there are often some challenges too, such as a lack of study structure, lots of distractions, limited accountability and a general feeling of isolation, which can all lead to reduced motivation and momentum!

For this reason, our premium courses give you exclusive access to our tutors and course mentors.

Use our course discussion hubs to contact our expert CIMA tutors whenever you need help with a tricky piece of theory.

And, have regular check-ins with your own personal course mentor via email, video call or a combination of the two, to get help staying focused, hitting your deadlines and ensuring you have everything you need to pass your exam.

Tuition videos

When you’re learning the theory for your objective test exams, it can be really challenging to take in absolutely everything first time around. Sometimes you need to change the way that you approach the content, in order to make it sink in. Our tuition videos offer a fantastic format when it comes to learning the syllabus content, as they allow you to hear it directly from the experts!

Here are a few sample chapters from our management objective test tuition videos, that are exclusively available on our premium courses…

CIMA E2 tuition videos
Chapter 1: part 1

CIMA P2 tuition videos
Chapter 1: part 1

CIMA F2 tuition videos
Chapter 1: part 1

How our premium course compares

Giving students value for money is important to us. Being solely online allows us to have much lower overheads than other tuition providers. As a result, this allows us to pass savings onto our students, meaning you get all of these great quality online study materials for a much lower price.

Why not check out the table below to see how our course compares to one of the popular tuition providers?

Official CIMA Publisher OnDemand Course Astranti OnDemand Course
CIMA registered tuition provider

Comprehensive study text

Challenging mock exams

Additional mocks from our question bank

Revision notes

Exam practice kits

OnDemand tuition videos

Audio files from tuition videos to download

Printouts of all tuition video content

Interactive presentation slides

OT exam technique guide

Discussion and debate with other students

Online forum and discussion

Study programme

Flexible timings – start any time

Tutor support and personal exam coach

14-day money back guarantee

Full pass guarantee without charge

Cost  £819 only £545
Best CIMA Management OT Course

Our double guarantee

CIMA Management Objective Test Courses

1. Money back guarantee

To make sure that you are completely satisfied with our course materials and support, we have a 14-day full money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with the course for any reason we will refund your fees in full.

Our aim is to ensure you try our materials safe in the knowledge that it won’t cost you a penny if they’re not right for you.

2. Pass guarantee (premium course only)

This offers you a safety net if you fail at the first attempt. Hopefully this won’t be the case but sometimes things can go wrong on exam day. As long as you have demonstrated that you’ve completed the course, if this does happen you will be able to continue on the course until you pass at no extra cost.

What our students say

Please see our testimonials page for our latest student reviews. Here are a couple of examples:

“I started with the operational level while pregnant with my son and a 2-year-old daughter and a full-time job.
With the help of Astranti’s great material, I managed to pass the OT exams as well as OCS first time. That gave me some confidence to attempt MCS with a baby, toddler and full-time job. Again with the easy-to-understand and to-the-point materials, I managed to pass all my OT and MCS exams first time. I would definitely not have been able to do this without Astranti.
Their materials are at a higher standard than the actual exams (in my opinion) so if you pass their mocks and exam practice kits, you should be fine for the exams. The study material is to the point and easy to understand with great interesting real-life examples helping people with busy lives to get a grip on the content in good time.
When I started, I realized most people that do this have a whole family and work life apart from their studies and having a tuition provider like Astranti really lightens the load.

Magdek Wolff

CIMA Case Study Student, July 2022

“After returning midway to my studies after a substantial break I knew it would be difficult to get back into the flow of studying again and reading on its own I would not be able to absorb the information and be able to self-study like I used to.

The tuition video’s are a big vital part of my passes so far. Having a mentor to help you with your study plan and tuition providers on hand to help on area’s that you are struggling with is great.”


CIMA Objective Test Student, April 2022

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You will have access to the full course materials for 6 months. However, if you complete the pass guarantee requirements, we’ll extend your access for as long as you need it.

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