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Theory revision series

In our post-exam surveys after almost every strategic case study exam, students tell us they wish they’d spent MORE time revising the theory from their E3, F3 and P3 exams.

For many students, it’s been months (if not years) between them passing their objective test exams and attempting the case study – a lot of time for their knowledge to slip!

And yet, to revise all three subjects in full is nigh on impossible when you also have to understand the pre-seen and master your case study technique too.

Our aim is to save you time and make your life easier! We have examined the last 8 years of case studies to work out what theory tends to come up regularly and what rarely comes up at all, and summarised all the key examinable topics in a clear and simple way in our revision texts and videos.

Our SCS theory revision series:
+ Covers all the most important theory that you need to know for the case study exams
+ Converts the key content from over 1,100 pages of syllabus study texts into just 552 pages
+ Condenses the theory into manageable chunks, with around 33 hours of video to watch
+ Gives you the platform to successfully apply the syllabus theory to the pre-seen company and the un-seen exam scenarios

Find out exactly what’s covered and take a look at our samples from the theory revision series below.

“I couldn’t recommend Astranti enough. I used them throughout my case study preparations and found their materials prepared me so well for the exams, meaning I was confident in all aspects from exam technique to theory to case study analysis.”

Edel Treacy

CIMA Case Study Student, January 2024

“I have completed CIMA’s MCS and SCS with Astranti and have passed them both at first attempt. Great Customer Service, Course Structure is Excellent. Mocks and Theory Revision Kits are the best feature of the course.”

Andriy Belizky

CIMA Qualified, April 2022

Pass the CIMA SCS exam

Learn what it takes to pass

Focus on the key topics you’re most likely to be tested on

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CIMA SCS Revision

Reduce revision time

Avoid rereading the full E3, F3 and P3 study texts

Save yourself time and focus on the most important topics

Revise from one place, using our study texts or videos

CIMA SCS theory

Switch up your learning

Watch the videos, download the audio or print the study texts

Cement your knowledge in the way that suits you

Content is split into manageable chunks to make things easier

Take a look for yourself…

Part 1 – Key theory from CIMA E3

Part 1 - What's covered?
  • Chapter 1: Mission and Objectives
  • Chapter 2: External Analysis
  • Chapter 3: Scenario Analysis
  • Chapter 4: Internal Analysis
  • Chapter 5: Product and Corporate Appraisal
  • Chapter 6: Developing Strategic Options
  • Chapter 7: Strategy Evaluation
  • Chapter 8: Supply Chain Management
  • Chapter 9: Digital Technologies

Total video running time: 10 hours

Part 2 – Key theory from CIMA F3

Part 2 - What's covered?
  • Chapter 1: Finance Strategy
  • Chapter 2: Dividend Policy
  • Chapter 3: Equity Finance
  • Chapter 4: Debt Finance
  • Chapter 5: Financial Risk
  • Chapter 6: Currency Risk
  • Chapter 7: Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Chapter 8: Business Valuation I
  • Chapter 9: Business Valuation II

Total video running time: 13 hours

Part 3 – Key theory from CIMA P3

Part 3 - What's covered?
  • Chapter 1: Risk
  • Chapter 2: Further Risk Management
  • Chapter 3: Governance and Reporting
  • Chapter 4: Internal Controls
  • Chapter 5: Management Control Systems
  • Chapter 6: The Role of Internal Audit
  • Chapter 7: Cyber Threats
  • Chapter 8: Cybersecurity Objectives
  • Chapter 9: Cybersecurity Processes

Total video running time: 10 hours

What our students have to say…

Please see our testimonials page for our latest student reviews. Here are a couple of examples:

“I passed my SCS exam in November 2023. As I came through the CFO pathway, I knew I needed to fill knowledge gaps before tackling the CIMA Strategic Case Study.

Astranti’s Strategic level theory summaries proved invaluable for this. This streamlined approach saved me precious time and helped me confidently navigate the pre-seen material.”

Mariette Terblanche

CIMA Qualified, November 2023

“I have purchased the theory revision series for Management Case Study and now Strategic. Very informative and provides useful scenarios you can expect to see in the exams as well as gaining an understanding of how to build application marks in case studies.

I passed MCS first time with the help of this, so I’ve purchased in again for SCS. Fingers crossed! Would highly recommend this revision series. Thank you!”

Alice B

Passed CIMA MCS, October 2021

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