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CGMA Finance Leadership Program

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Finance CPD

Life as a CIMA qualified management accountant is good. After all, you’ve got all the industry skills and knowhow that you need.

However, how do you maintain the high standards set out by CIMA? And how do you continue to keep up with an ever-changing world of finance? This is where CPD comes in, and it’s a requirement for all qualified CIMA members.

To help you meet your CPD requirements, we’ve created over 50 CPD courses tailored specifically to finance professionals.

Microsoft Excel Expert Course

Millions of people around the world use Excel as part of their day-to-day jobs, and accountants probably use it more than most!

Saying you’re an expert in Excel is great, but can you actually prove it? CIMA doesn’t focus on Excel skills in its qualifications, so demonstrating your capabilities to potential new employers can present a challenge.

Completing the Microsoft Excel Expert certification exam is one surefire way to demonstrate your expertise, and that’s exactly what we help you with within our Excel Expert course.

What our students have to say about us…

“I started my CIMA Journey in January 2022 and I needed a learning provider that would help me prepare for the Certificate in Business Accounting exams.

I was lucky enough to have found Astranti.

Using the well constructed courses, learning materials and study planner, I was able to study effectively and pass the BA1 exam.

I look forward to using Astranti to complete the rest of my exams.”


CIMA Certificate Student, April 2022

“I have been using Astranti ever since I have started my CIMA qualification. I have passed all 3 OT tests first time with them and starting my OCS for August, whilst I can’t review their OCS content yet as I have only started I have heard great things specifically to their case study materials and everything already looks great.

I do not come from an accounting background so the theory for all 3 objective tests were clearly explained and absorbed for someone without a hard accounting background.

In addition there is always offline support, and a tutor assigned to you who are happy to answer any questions. So far 10/10, I plan to use them going forward to the management level once I finish my OCS.”


CIMA Operational Student, April 2022

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