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Finance CPD

Life as a CIMA qualified management accountant is good. After all, you’ve got all the industry skills and knowhow that you need.

However, how do you maintain the high standards set out by CIMA? And how do you continue to keep up with an ever-changing world of finance? This is where CPD comes in, and it’s a requirement for all qualified CIMA members.

To help you meet your CPD requirements, we’ve created over 50 CPD courses tailored specifically to finance professionals.

Microsoft Excel Expert Course

Millions of people around the world use Excel as part of their day-to-day jobs, and accountants probably use it more than most!

Saying you’re an expert in Excel is great, but can you actually prove it? CIMA doesn’t focus on Excel skills in its qualifications, so demonstrating your capabilities to potential new employers can present a challenge.

Completing the Microsoft Excel Expert certification exam is one surefire way to demonstrate your expertise, and that’s exactly what we help you with within our Excel Expert course.

What our students have to say about us…

“Honestly, Astranti has helped me clear all my papers in the first attempt since the day I decided to purchase the notes and kits.

They provide notes and corresponding practice questions per topic. The practice questions come with detailed answers which help as you go through the syllabus and not have you spend time on the notes before your exam.

Thanks to Astranti!! It’s all I’ve been looking for and I have made up my mind to stick to it until I finish my course.”


CIMA student, December 2020

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“Very good provider, highly recommend!!

I passed my MCS after I completed the preparation course with Astranti.

Both the tutor Mary Janes and the marker of my mock exams Katie were very helpful and provided very good guidance and feedback.

Thanks a lot, and I’m going to use Astranti resources for my strategic level exams now.”


Passed CIMA management case study exam, November 2020

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