CIMA Operational Full Level Courses

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Want to pass all your CIMA operational level exams in the quickest, easiest and most cost-effective way possible?

We have designed a complete operational level course that gives you the very best chance of passing your CIMA E1, P1, F1 and operational case study exams.

Our complete operational level course brings together our extensive range of high-quality materials and support, including practice questions, tuition videos and study guides. This enables you to progress through your studies at your own pace as well as having the added bonus of experienced CIMA tutors on hand every step of the way.

You’ll also benefit from our double course guarantee, which means you can try the courses with no risk, and it gives you extended access to the complete set of course materials and our ongoing support until you get that pass!

By buying the complete operational level course, you will receive a reduction of more than £600 in comparison to purchasing the CIMA E1, P1 and F1 and operational case study courses separately. 


“I have used Astranti for all three case studies which in my view is integral to passing, with the most recent pass coming on the SCS exam. Astranti help you develop the correct exam writing style required to pass and gain the additional marks that could be the difference in passing or not. I can certainly say that by using Astranti I have gone into each exam confidently assured that I have given myself the best possible chance to pass.”


CIMA Case Study Student, October 2022

“Astranti were great in helping me pass my E1 objective test exam. I found the revision notes great which focused on the main topics rather than tons of information. They were also nicely complimented by the tuition videos. Lastly, the mock exams were great, I found them to be very similar to the real exam and felt like they prepared me better than other resources such as the CIMA Aptitude test.

Would definitely recommend Astranti to other students unsure of which tuition provider to use and I will be using them again for F1.”

Hardeep Singh

Passed CIMA E1, September 2022

CIMA operational Course

Focused on you passing

Bespoke content that simplifies complex topics

Experienced tutors and mentors on hand to help

Comprehensive courses containing everything you need

CIMA operational study

Minimise study time

Focus your study time on the key topics

Detailed solutions to help you learn from mistakes

Course schedules to help keep you focused

Best CIMA operational Course

Great value for money

Over £600 savings compared to buying individually

14-day money back guarantee on all courses

Pass guarantee included for peace of mind

Our courses at a glance

We have designed high quality course material for all of the CIMA Operational level exams that will give you the very best chance of passing. 

Objective Test course material - what's included?
  • Study texts covering the full syllabus
  • Tuition videos guiding you through all of the content
  • Interactive presentations to use at your own pace
  • Printable presentation slides allowing you to organise your revision
  • Exam practice kits to test your knowledge of each chapter
  • 5x mock exams to challenge your overall exam performance
  • 5x more randomly generated mock exams to keep challenging you
  • Revision notes to focus you during the final stages of your studies
  • 100 questions video series offering an experts insight into the exam questions
  • Tutor support at every step of the way as well as a dedicated course mentor
  • Online study community to share your learning experience with
  • Double guarantee to secure your confidence in our course

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Case Study course material - what's included?
  • Pre-seen analysis videos giving you an expert’s view of the pre-seen
  • Strategic analysis video and document linking the key theory to your exam
  • Industry analysis video and document building your overall pre-seen knowledge
  • Top 10 issues analysis video and document giving our expert’s predictions for the exam
  • Video and study guide series to get you up to speed with the operational level theory
  • Video and study guide series focusing on optimising your exam technique
  • Ethics pack
  • Questions pack of 60 exam style questions for you to practice
  • 2x live and recorded online masterclass days with our OCS expert
  • 5x full mock exams to prepare you for the real thing
  • Detailed marking and feedback offering an experts insight into your mock performance
  • Tutor support at every step of the way as well as a dedicated course mentor
  • Online study community to share your learning experience with
  • Double guarantee to secure your confidence in our course

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What our students say

Please see our testimonials page for more student reviews. Here are a couple of examples:

“I started using the free resources for the CIMA P1 unit which I found really good and then decided to purchase the exam kit and the mock assessments and these have really helped me to practice more. I will definitely be using for the rest of my CIMA.”

Amanda Garratt

Passed CIMA P1, June 2019

“I passed my OCS first time, thanks to Astranti’s full course. I can’t recommend it highly enough – in particular, the mock exam feedback, which was invaluable and really helped me to streamline my timing and answer structure for the exam. The pre-seen analysis was also brilliant as it really dug into the case and meant that I was very familiar with the company and scenario going into my exam. The masterclasses were also very useful.”


Passed CIMA OCS, April 2019

Our double course guarantee

CIMA operational Course Pass Guarantee

1. Money back guarantee

To make sure that you are completely satisfied with our course materials and support, we have a 14-day full money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with your course for any reason we will refund your fees in full.

Our aim is to ensure you’re happy to try us out safe in the knowledge that it won’t cost you a penny if it’s not right for you.

2. Pass guarantee

This offers you a safety net if you fail any of the exams. Hopefully, this won’t be the case, but sometimes things can go wrong on exam day. As long as you have demonstrated that you’ve completed the course in line with our pass guarantee requirements, you will be able to continue until you pass at no extra cost.

Our complete level course savings

Our complete Operational level course saves you over £600 compared to the normal course prices when purchased individually!

Don’t worry if you’ve already completed one or two of your operational Objective Test exams, you can still join us for the remainder of the level and make some great savings too with our alternative complete course options below.

1x Objective Test Course + OCS Course


or 12x monthly instalments of £95

+ Premium case study course (worth £795)
+ 1x Operational level OT course (worth £495)
+ Save £190!

2x Objective Test Courses + OCS Course


or 12x monthly instalments of £115

+ Premium case study course (worth £795)
+ 2x Operational level OT courses (worth £990)
+ Save £410!

Complete Operational Level Course


or 12x monthly instalments of £140

+ Premium case study course (worth £795)
+ CIMA E1 OnDemand course (worth £495)
+ CIMA F1 OnDemand course (worth £495)
+ CIMA P1 OnDemand course (worth £495)
+ Save £630!

Purchase your courses

You can pay for the course all in one go or spread the cost over 12 months, with our instalment options. Simply add the course to your basket…

Operational Case Study
+1 Objective Test
One off payment of…

Operational Case Study
+1 Objective Test
12 monthly instalments of…

Operational Case Study
+2 Objective Tests
One off payment of…

Operational Case Study
+2x Objective Tests
12 monthly instalments of…

Complete Operational
level course
One off payment of…

Complete Operational
level course
12 monthly instalments of…

If you’re purchasing a course containing either 1 or 2 Objective Tests, please contact us at to let us know which of the tests you will be taking. We will then be able to give you access to all the materials you will need.