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CIMA Operational Case Study – Theory Revision Series

The key theory you need to know

The Case Study exam is heavily focused on the application of technical knowledge you have learned for the Objective Tests.

It’s really vital that you know the theory inside out. After all, you can’t apply technical knowledge that you don’t have!

Interestingly, the majority of students that sat the Case Study in recent sittings told us they wished they had spent more time revising the theory prior to exam day. 

So, we’ve created a theory revision series, focusing on the key topics you’ll need to know for the CIMA OCS exam!

The combination of our concise study text and comprehensive tuition videos provides all of the theory that you need from the E1, P1 and F1 exams to make sure you’re prepared for the topics most likely to be tested in this challenging Case Study exam.

Why use the Astranti theory revision series?

Learn what it takes to pass

  • Focuses only on the key topics that you’re most likely to be tested on
  • Clear and simple examples bring each topic to life to help you quickly master difficult topics.

Reduce revision time

  • Perfect if you don’t have time to read the full E1, P1 and F1 study texts
  • Saves you the hours of revision time by focusing only on the key topics 
  • All of the content in one place without the need to revisit previous study material 

Mix up your learning

  • Combination of study text and tuition video series 
  • Vary your learning style to cement your knowledge
  • Download the audios and print as you need

Find out more and access our samples

Part 1 – key theory from CIMA E1

  • Chapter 1: Organisations
  • Chapter 2: The finance function
  • Chapter 3: Transforming the finance function
  • Chapter 4: Marketing and the finance function
  • Chapter 5: The finance function and IT
  • Chapter 6: Data and the finance function
  • Chapter 7: Human resources

Total video running time: over 10 hours

Sample chapter: Organisations

Sample video: Organisations

Part 2 – key theory from CIMA F1

  • Chapter 8: IASB accounting framework
  • Chapter 9: Introduction to the financial statements
  • Chapter 10: Accounting standards
  • Chapter 11: Corporate taxation
  • Chapter 12: Corporate governance
  • Chapter 13: CGMA code of ethics
  • Chapter 14: Working capital management
  • Chapter 15: Short-term finance and investment

Total video running time: over 13 hours

Sample chapter: IASB accounting framework

Sample video: IASB accounting framework

Part 3 – key theory from CIMA P1

  • Chapter 16: Costing
  • Chapter 17: Costs and cost behaviour
  • Chapter 18: Absorption and marginal costing
  • Chapter 19: Activity based costing
  • Chapter 20: Relevant costs and decision making
  • Chapter 21: Standard costing and variance analysis
  • Chapter 22: Risk and uncertainty
  • Chapter 23: Budgeting

Total video running time: over 10 hours

Sample chapter: Costing

Sample video: Costing

What our students say

Please see our testimonials page for our latest student reviews. Here are a couple of examples:

Second sitting of the CIMA Operational Case Study and despite what felt like a tough exam which left me feeling not too confident managed to pass by a comfortable margin. I can only attribute this to the methodology of how to approach the exam and effective time management that was taught by Astranti. Its all too easy to get off topic and write a lot of material which is irrelevant and just repeating what you’ve already stated. Which cost me marks and ultimately the exam in my first sitting. Thanks to Astranti, the lectures and my marker for the mock exams for providing the guidance to help me pass!

Mr Calder

CIMA Operational Case Study Student, June 2019

“Astranti were absolutely vital in helping me to pass this exam first time, the masterclasses, condensed notes and Mock exams are brilliant in preparing you for the exam. I cannot recommend them highly enough if you want the best chance of succeeding first time in your OCS exam.”


CIMA Operational Case Study Student, December 2019

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The theory revision series is available for 12 months after purchasing and can be accessed online only. Audios of each video can be downloaded and used offline, and the study guide can be printed in full or by chapter.

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