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One of the best ways to prepare for your objective test exams is to face as many different questions as possible!

In our new questions series, you can test your knowledge against no less than 100 exam style questions for each of your objective test exams! These questions cover the entire syllabus, so act as a great tool for revising the theory you need to know.

On top of that, each set of questions has it’s very own video analysis where our CIMA tutors pick the questions apart, and show you exactly how you should be approaching each question.

You can watch our sample videos from the series below, or create your free Astranti account to access the first 2 chapters worth of questions and videos.


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Why use Astranti question videos?

Learn from the experts

  • Our experienced operational level tutors will guide you through the best approach to answering 100 new exam standard questions.
  • Learn to mimic their techniques


Develop your exam technique skills

  • Understand how to link the theory to the question
  • Find out how to pick out the important information and identify the key requirements of the question
  • Learn how to approach a variety of different question types

Enhance your learning

  • Attempt each question yourself then compare to the recommended approach

  • The questions have been carefully selected to be most relevant to the exam and cover the entire syllabus – an excellent revision tool

Watch our question videos 

Watch the complete first chapter from our CIMA E1, P1 and F1 100 questions video series below for free. You can sign up for free to get access to even more samples from our 100 questions video series and other resources from our complete CIMA operational objective test OnDemand courses.

CIMA E1 sample video

CIMA P1 sample video

CIMA F1 sample video

What our students say

Please see our Testimonials Page for all our latest testimonials. Here are a couple of examples:

“Your Mock Exams were on point and so detailed. I feel prepared going into the session.
For the price, I think I got a lot more question practice and feedback than from other providers.”

Thameshni Narsigan

CIMA Operational Student, November 2019

“The online portal is extremely useful and I used the videos as the basis for my revision. The mock exams are potentially the most important part of the pack as they provide a really good idea of where you are with your understanding and more importantly, your exam technique. Basically, use Astranti, pass your exams.”

Stephen Booth

CIMA Operational Student, April 2019

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