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Pre-seen analysis pack

The pre-seen is at the core of every case study. To pass you MUST fully understand the company and its industry.

Why? Because the examiner expects you to apply EVERYTHING to the pre-seen scenario. It’s not about knowing the theory anymore (you’ve proved you can do that in the OT exams) it’s about showing how that theory relates to the pre-seen company.

And yet…

Almost every post-exam report the examiner notes that people are doing poorly because they are not applying answers to the pre-seen.

So how can we help? Our case study experts are here to support you with a range of pre-seen materials designed to make this part of your revision as easy as possible!

The pre-seen materials:

  • Let you see the pre-seen through the eyes of our OCS expert, picking out all of the key information
  • Apply key theory and models to the pre-seen
  • Investigate the top 10 most likely issues to appear in your exam
  • Give a detailed analysis of the pre-seen industry, helping you to build more rounded answers in your exam
  • Test how well you have understood the pre-seen with a set of knowledge-based questions

“I have used Astranti for OCS pre-seen (their notes are a great guide and the analysis helps you familiarize with pre-seen in depth) and then went on to buy full package for both MCS and SCS and managed to get first time passes on both exams. Their material is great and the marked Mocks especially help you get ready for exam writing (for which theory knowledge is not enough). Would highly recommend it to everyone!”

Gaia Catarsi

CIMA Qualified, January 2023

CIMA Operational Case Study Pre-seen

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Includes 30 knowledge-based questions

Pre-seen pack content

Pre-seen analysis

It’s vital that you fully analyse your pre-seen. This requires a detailed examination of the case study ensuring that every section is fully understood.

Our pre-seen analysis videos provide a page-by-page analysis of every section of the pre-seen. It ensures you don’t miss anything important and helps to build a comprehensive understanding of the material. This is vital if you are to gain high marks in the exam.

This product includes:

  • A page-by-page analysis of every section of the pre-seen from front to back with a focus on the business perspective (E1). Our CIMA OCS expert picks out all of the key information not to be missed
  • One video takes an F1 perspective of the pre-seen with emphasis on financial accounts
  • Another takes a P1 perspective with emphasis on management accounting and risk
  • Typically around 5 hours of guidance is provided
Strategic analysis

It’s extremely important that you have the ability to identify how the pre-seen relates to key models and theory from E1, F1 and P1. The examiners expect students to demonstrate a good understanding of the models and theories and make the appropriate links to the case study during the exam.

It can be hard to fully analyse a company using models you’ve only recently learned and be confident you’ve got it right. Our strategic analysis has done the hard work for you!

This product includes:

  • Using the key models and theories we give you an in-depth understanding of the pre-seen organisation and its position in the market
  • Topics include: SWOT, PESTLE, 5 forces, objectives and performance measurement, governance, ethics and CSR analysis, critical success factors and stakeholder analysis
  • The document revises key theory and then applies it to the pre-seen
  • The video analyses the model explaining how we’ve applied it and what it means for your exam
Industry analysis

It is critical to demonstrate to the examiner that you have fully understood the pre-seen industry, as a key element to gaining extra high marks in your case study exam!

Researching the industry can be a laborious process, especially when you’re not sure which information is useful and which is not.

Our team has spent hours doing this research for you, finding the information that will help you to achieve a wider perspective of the industry and build a deeper knowledge in preparation for your exam.

This product includes:

  • An overview of the industry and its background
  • A review of the current market and competitors
  • Detailed analysis of a similar real-life organisation to understand how it applies to the real-world
  • 25 industry examples to learn and use in relevant sections of your exam for extra marks
  • The document provides a detailed industry overview and is fully comprehensive
  • The video provides a high-level summary, in around an hour, of the key points
Top 10 most likely issues

The top 10 issues identifies the 10 most likely issues to appear in the exam. Our OCS expert gives guidance on how to deal with the issues in your answers, provides advice on which models to use and key points you should raise.

Based on our experience of analysing CIMA case studies for over 10 years, our predictions have been extremely accurate in previous exams, with around 70-80% of topics in the real exams being covered in our top 10 lists.

This product includes:

  • 10 detailed “could be” issues that may come up in the exam and guidance on how to deal with them in your answer including advice on which models to use and key points you should raise
  • The document gives summary slides for each of the issues
  • The video provides our expert’s analysis of why that issue is so important and how to apply it to the exam
Pre-seen knowledge questions

Once you have worked your way through the pre-seen materials, you can now test your understanding with our pre-seen knowledge questions.

These challenging questions cover a wide variety of topics that you should be familiar with before moving onwards with your case study revision.

This product includes:

  • 30 challenging questions
  • Picking up the key knowledge you should know before the exam
  • Test yourself and learn
  • Each question comes with a detailed solution

What our students say

Please see our testimonials page for our latest student reviews. Here are a couple of examples:

I have used the Astranti pre seen package for OCS and it was a great way to analyze the preseen and understand key focus areas for my review, allowing to pass smoothly the case being a self study student with a full time job! Great material and insights!”

Gala Catarsi

CIMA Operational Case Study Student, January 2021

Top 10 Preseen Issues allowed me to focus on the key topics when meant in my variant I could apply my knowledge to the paper without trying to relearn everything but be strategic in my choices.”

Gyan Quartey

CIMA Operational Case Study Student, July 2019

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