CIMA Operational Objective Tests

Revision notes

The last few days before the exam can be stressful!

You need to make sure that you are spending your time wisely, and you certainly don’t want to be reading through the whole syllabus study text to refresh your memory of the content!

Our revision notes can help you at this point by:

  • Giving you all of the key topics to focus on to be successful in the exam
  • Providing easy-to-follow examples and definitions
  • Aligning to the study text and videos, so you can easily review any topics on which you want more detail

In total, we’ve condensed over 1,100 pages worth of operational level syllabus content into 673 easy-to-follow revision note pages. See our sample chapters below to view the revision notes for yourself.

CIMA operational revision notes
CIMA exam technique

Simplifies your revision

Designed to help you revise quickly when time is precious

Concise and easy-to-follow – ideal for the revision phase

The diagrammatic format helps guide you through the content

Pass the CIMA case study

Covers the full syllabus

Highlights key terms, topics and examples

Aligned with our syllabus study texts and tuition videos

Helps you link your revision to your previous studies


Minimises study time

Designed to help you revise quickly when time is precious

Saves you having to make your own notes

Easily refer back to the full content in our texts and videos

Take a look for yourself…

The first week from our E1, P1, and F1 courses, including revision note chapters, are free to use! Simply create your Astranti account today and sign up for the free CIMA operational level membership to get access.

Still not sure? Why not take a look at the sample chapters from the revision notes here before you sign up.

What our students say

Please see our testimonials page for our latest student reviews. Here are a couple of examples:

“I started my CIMA journey with Astranti using the tuition videos, revision notes, practice questions, mock exams and other materials including the casestudy analysis pack, I have been able to complete 9 OT exams and 3 Casestudies in 8 months! I cannot recommend the materials enough. The on demand setup allows each student to work at their own pace and also has a structure for those looking to complete this in that way. Thank you Astranti!!”


CIMA Qualified, October 2022

“Astranti were great in helping me pass my E1 objective test exam. I found the revision notes great which focused on the main topics rather than tons of information. They were also nicely complimented by the tuition videos. Lastly, the mock exams were great, I found them to be very similar to the real exam and felt like they prepared me better than other resources such as the CIMA Aptitude test.

Would definitely recommend Astranti to other students unsure of which tuition provider to use and I will be using them again for F1.”

Hardeep Singh

Passed CIMA E1, September 2022

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