About Us
Who are Astranti?

We are a provider of online CIMA and ACCA learning material. Our aim is to produce high-quality study material which is easy-to-understand, fully comprehensive and affordable on any budget.

We began our journey back in 2002, providing tuition for the final CIMA case study exams. Since then, our range of study support has expanded considerably and over 49,000 people have now been on one of our courses or used some of our materials to help them pass their exams.

Today we provide materials for ALL areas of the CIMA qualification, including comprehensive free courses for the CIMA certificate level exams and we are in the process of expanding to provide tuition for the ACCA qualification.

We hope to give every single student a positive experience and above all, we want to help all our students pass their exams!

As you will see from the various testimonials on our site, we have many very satisfied customers. Hopefully, you will become one of them very soon!

Meet the team
As we have expanded our range of materials, we have also expanded the team that provides them. To find out more about the team, including our experienced writers, tutors and markers, click on the team members below for more information.
Nick Best, Managing Director
Managing Director
About Nick

  • Astranti Founder & Managing Director
  • Expertise in business strategy, financial management and project management
  • 20 years of training experience, a Chartered Accountant (ICAEW) and Accredited Executive Coach
  • Has worked at PwC, Reed Business School, First Intuition, BPP and Kaplan
Peter Stiff, Senior Manager
Senior Manager
About Peter

  • Senior Manager of ACCA and CIMA Case Studies
  • CIMA strategic case study masterclass tutor
  • Professional writer with 5 years of experience in management accounting and business tutoring and writing
  • Has written and marked mock exams for Astranti which have been used by CIMA, First Intuition and PwC
Sandy Hood, Tutor & Marker
Tutor & Marker
About Sandy

  • CIMA OCS Tutor and Marker
  • Qualified CIMA accountant
  • Expertise in financial and management accounting, finance and business
  • Highly experienced professional tutor with over 20 years of experience with many several business colleges
  • Author of Management & Cost Accounting for Dummies
Mary Jane Rodriguez, Tutor & Marker
Mary Jane
Tutor & Marker
About Mary Jane

  • CIMA MCS Tutor, Writer & Marker
  • Expertise in management accounting, finance and business
  • Qualified CIMA accountant
  • Worked as an accountant with PwC prior to becoming a tutor
  • Graduated from the University of South Africa
Kate Tapp, Marker
About Katie

  • Over 4 years of experience as a case study exam marker
  • Worked as a management accountant of an international corporate services company for 9 years
  • Qualified CIMA accountant
  • Expertise in operational planning, productivity improvements, internal processes and reporting tools
Manoj Agarwel
About Manoj

  • Over 4 years of experience as a case study exam marker
  • Works at Deutsche Bank with “Team Performance Coverage” and previously worked in the Trade Finance Team
  • Specialises in the analysis of monthly, quarterly and annual results  
  • A Professional CIMA Accountant with and MBA in Finance
Sean Lyons, Writer and Marker
Writer & Marker
About Sean

  • CIMA case study mock exam marker with over 3 years of experience
  • Qualified CIMA accountant
  • Graduated from the University of Ulster. Achieved a BA Hons in Business Management (1st Class)and MSc in Infrastructure Engineering (distinction)
  • Currently works as an Analyst (finance and network assets)
Kerry O'Dell, Marker
About Kerry

  • Over 4 years of experience as a CIMA case study mock exam marker and writer of case study mock exams
  • Currently a  Group Finance Manager for the NHS- Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.
  • Expertise in Management Accounting
  • CIMA qualified
  • Has a degree in Accountancy and Finance from Birmingham City university. Graduated in 2010
Stephen Gradwell, Marker
About Stephen

  • Experienced case study mock exam marker
  • Qualified CIMA accountant
  • Has a background in Informatics with experience in both the technical and business side of Information Systems
  • Works in the Retail sector with experience in the Oil and Gas and Industrial Weighing sectors
  • Graduated from the University of Pretoria
Bethan Norman, Marker
About Bethan

  • Marker with many years of experience marking both mock and real exams for a variety of exam boards.
  • Over 20 years experience in audit, business accounting and tax, both in public practice and as an exam marker for accounting bodies and training organisations in the UK
  • Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales
  • Qualified with KPMG. Several years as audit manager with responsibility for in-house professional development
Suraj Lakhotia, Writer & Marker
Writer & Marker
About Suraj

  • CIMA Writer & Marker with over 3 years of experience
  • Tutor for the Indian Chartered Accountants qualification
  • Acquired knowledge in Operations, Corporate Finance, Taxation and Project Management
  • Deputy Manager Audit at Bharat Petroleum
  • CIMA qualified
  • Indian Chartered Accountant (ICAI) and Bachelors of Commerce
Nyasha Gomwe, Marker
About Nyasha

  • Case study mock exam marker with over 4 years of experience
  • Mock exam writer
  • TOPCIMA world ranking of number 9
  • Qualified CIMA accountant
  • Currently an Accountant at Allan Wilson School
Nasim Khan, Writer & Marker
Writer & Marker
About Nasim

  • Case study mock exam marker and writer with over 4 years of experience
  • Strategic Case Study marker and F3 tutor
  • CIMA qualified accountant
  • Management consultant and MSc in IT
  • Expertise in finance, business analysis and IT consulting
  • 15 years experience in the financial services sector gained through Accenture, PwC and freelance work
James Nutting, CIMA Case Study Manager
CIMA Case Study Manager
About James

  • CIMA Case Study Manager
  • CIMA operational case study tutor and marker with over 3 years of experience of case study writing, marking and case analysis.
  • Writer or proofreader of more than 10 accounting textbooks with a primary area of expertise in financial accounting and reporting
  • Written and produced exams used by CIMA, First Intuition and PwC
  • Graduated from the University of Nottingham with a 2:1 degree in Philosophy
Nikki O'Brien, Marketing and HR Manager
Marketing and HR Manager
About Nikki

  • HR & Marketing Manager
  • Previously Director of ACCA at Astranti
  • Expertise in customer service, marketing, social media and blogging. Supports student’s exam technique and approach
  • Graduated from the University of the West of England in 2014. Achieved a 1st Class degree in Business Studies with Marketing 
Helen Watson, Content Manager
Content Manager
About Helen

  • Content Manager
  • Astranti content editor working on financial and management accounting, business and finance
  • Written the Astranti ACCA tax textbook
  • Worked as an accountant with Ernst and Young before moving into credit management
  • Previous experience in education and training gained by working as a qualified teacher
  • Graduated from York University with a degree (2:1) in BA (Hons) Economics
Joe Allen, CIMA Co-Manager
CIMA Co-Manager
About Joe

  • Co-Manager of CIMA Studies
  • Expertise in online marketing, website development, customer experience, social media communications and blogging
  • Experience in publications development and web-based training
  • Graduated with a 2:1 BA (Hons) degree in Business Studies from the University of Plymouth in 2015
Milo Teeranggoon, Finance Writer
Finance Writer
About Milo

  • Astranti writer specialising in writing study material, with a particular focus on management accounting
  • Specialises in research and analysis
  • Graduated with a 2:1 honours degree in History from the University of Portsmouth
  • Extensive knowledge of economics throughout history
Joseph Bowen, Finance Writer
Finance Writer
About Joseph

  • CIMA management case study tutor
  • Expertise in financial management and management with particular a focus on CIMA F3 and P2
  • Astranti writer specialising in writing study material
  • Experience in political risk, macroeconomics  and public relations
  • Graduated from the University of Kent with first class honours in Politics and International Relations
Florence Whelon, Marketing Assistant
Marketing Asst.
About Florence

  • CIMA Marketing Assistant & Course Coordinator
  • Experience in customer service, social media and blogging
  • Published author of a series of children’s books
  • Graduated from the University of Portsmouth with a 2:1 degree in English and Creative writing
Sam Roylance, Marketing Assistant
Marketing Asst.
About Sam

  • CIMA Marketing Assistant
  • Experience in online marketing, web and graphic design
  • From a design agency background with experience in dealing with customers
  • Graduated with first class honours degree in Industrial Design from Aston University
James Green, Finance Writer
Finance Writer
About James

  • Operational case study writer with experience in industry research
  • Astranti writer specialising in writing study material, with a focus on financial accounting and reporting
  • CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting
  • Graduated with a first class degree in History from the University of Southampton
  • Research background with experience in producing written work within an academic environment 
Anthony Williams, Finance Writer
Finance Writer
About Anthony

  • Expertise in case study industry analysis and research
  • Astranti writer and tutor specialising in writing study material for the business pathway
  • Experience of financial analysis within an academic environment
  • Graduated with first class honours in History and an M.A in European History from University College London

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