Meet the Astranti Team

Meet The Astranti Team

Our team at Astranti is based in the UK, split across our Trowbridge, Cardiff and Ivybridge offices.

The team consists of our senior managers, content creators, tutors, marketers, publishers and our course mentors & customer service representatives.

On top of these core teams, we also have a wide network of markers, tutors and writers who are based all across the world.

As we have expanded our range of materials, we have also expanded the team. Find out more about our team members on this page.

The Astranti story so far…

Our journey began back in 2002, from a tiny office in a sleepy Somerset town.

In the early days, Nick and his small-but-mighty team provided tuition for the final CIMA accountancy exams. Since then, our range of study support, and the team which provides it, has expanded considerably.

To date, over 100,000 people have now been on one of our courses or used some of our materials to help them get qualified.

Today our core Astranti team provides materials for all areas of the CIMA qualification, a range of CMI courses as well as a CPD course suite designed to help you develop your knowledge and skills as you progress in your career.

We’ve also introduced Astranti Connect to the Astranti group, to provide high-quality tuition for the world of counselling. Our classroom-based and live online courses help to give our students all the skills and experiences they need in order to offer the best counselling service to their clients.

Our mission is to continue to make high-quality tuition accessible to everyone, and we hope you will join us on our journey!

Management Team

Nick Best


Roles and responsibilities:
  • Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Astranti
Also specialises in:
  • Chess
  • Running

Sarah Best

Director & Property Manager

Roles and responsibilities:
  • Company Director at Astranti
Also specialises in:
  • Downton Abbey
  • Short strolls and long pub lunches

Nikki O’Brien

Chief Operating Officer

Roles and responsibilities:
  • Responsible for the day-to-day operations of Astranti
  • Expertise in management, customer service, marketing and HR
Also specialises in:
  • Boardgames
  • Binge-watching reality TV

Peter Stiff

Head of Connect

Roles and responsibilities:
  • Head of Astranti Connect – our counselling training organisation
Also specialises in:
  • Manchester United
  • Cooking (and eating)

James Nutting

Head of Accountancy Courses

Roles and responsibilities:
  • Looks after our accounting division at Astranti, including CIMA and accounting CPD
Also specialises in:
  • Music of the 1970s
  • Stand up comedy

Joe Allen

Head of Management Courses & Brand Manager

Roles and responsibilities:
  • Looks after our management & leadership division at Astranti, including CMI and Prince2 – as well as overseeing the overall Astranti brand
Also specialises in:
  • Chelsea Football Club
  • The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Max Best

Marketing Supervisor & Management Courses Assistant

Roles and responsibilities:
  • Responsible for our management course customer service and mentoring – also looks after our marketing and social media
Also specialises in:
  • The Aviation industry
  • Walking/hiking

Content Team

Helen Watson

Head of Content Development and Quality

Roles and responsibilities:
  • Content development and quality control
Also specialises in:
  • Knitting
  • Coffee drinking

Jordan Jenkins

Senior Content Creator + CIMA Case Study Manager

Roles and responsibilities:
  • Production and development of new content and responsible for the CIMA Case Study exams
Also specialises in:
  • Lego
  • Formula 1

Thomas Broadley

Publications Manager

Roles and responsibilities:
  • Publication of new content
Also specialises in:
  • 19th Century English Literature
  • Baking and Cooking

Lily Winnan

Content Creator & Business Development Manager

Roles and responsibilities:
  • Production and development of new content
  • Managing business development
Also specialises in:
  • Vegan cooking
  • Paddle-boarding

Student Support Team

Holly Dymmock

Customer Service and Course Mentor Supervisor

Roles and responsibilities:
  • Looks after customer questions and queries and also mentors our course students.
Also specialises in:
  • Embroidery
  • Reading

Sarah Ramsey

Customer Service Assistant

Roles and responsibilities:
  • Looks after customer questions and queries
Also specialises in:
  • Plants
  • Language learning

Ella Best

Customer Service Assistant

Roles and responsibilities:
  • Looks after customer questions and queries
Also specialises in:
  • Tennis
  • Baking

Freelance Marking Team

Ian Hatfield

Katie Tapp

Nasim Khan

Andrew Wedlock

Manoj Agarwal

Nyasha Gomwe

Mary Jane Rodriguez

Suraj Lakhotia

Sean Lyons

Stephen Gradwell

Kumaren Naidoo

Yashoda Anv

Spencer Nash

Merapelo Pinagare

Shyamala V

George Anyaba

Vicky Joseph

Emmanuel Nnuroh

Kumar Fernando

David Ogiemudia

Sarah Poole

Suraj Bakrania

Rikas Hussain

Jinning Hong

Ian Hartery

Yung Chianteo

Sandy Hood

Interested in joining the Astranti team?

We are always on the look out for talented writers, tutors, markers and affiliates. Follow the link below for more information.