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Study texts have all the content you need to pass – but sometimes it’s just easier to have an expert tutor to guide you through each area of the syllabus. For many, learning can be quicker and easier that way. Our tuition videos do just that.

Our tuition videos will:

  • Guide you through the syllabus in an easy to follow, visual manner

  • Cover the whole syllabus so that nothing is left out

  • Provide lots of examples to bring the subject to life

  • Be clear and to the point to keep your study time to a minimum

CIMA Certificate Level Tuition Videos
CIMA Certificate Tuition Videos

Focused on what it takes to pass

Created alongside the official CIMA syllabus

Aligned with our study texts, questions and revision notes

Covers every exam topic ensuring nothing is missed

CIMA Certificate Videos

Learn at your own pace

Pause, rewind and rewatch until you understand each topic

Revisit difficult topics as often as you like

Download our audio files to learn on the go

CIMA Certificate Level Videos

Simplifying complex topics

Clear and simple explanations of complicated topics

Lots of examples to bring topics to life

Engaging tutors that will keep you focused

Take a look for yourself…

CIMA BA1 sample video:

CIMA BA1 tuition videos - full listing
  • Business organisations (21 minutes)
  • Stakeholders (31 minutes)
  • Shareholder wealth (30 minutes)
  • Price, demand and supply (37 minutes)
  • Price elasticity of demand and supply (55 minutes)
  • Types of market and cost effects (30 minutes)
  • Economies of scale (23 minutes)
  • Government regulation of markets (49 minutes)
  • Circular flow of income and monetary policy (45 minutes)
  • Fiscal and supply side policies (41 minutes)
  • The trade cycle (39 minutes)
  • The aggregate supply and demand model (37 minutes)
  • Global trade (70 minutes)
  • Foreign exchange markets and the exchange rate (111 minutes)
  • The financial system (67 minutes)
  • Financial intermediaries (48 minutes)
  • Financial markets and instruments (28 minutes)
  • Discounting and investment appraisal (63 minutes)
  • Data and information (65 minutes)
  • Data coefficients (37 minutes)
  • Trends, forecasts and patterns (54 minutes)
  • Moving averages (15 minutes)
  • Index numbers (55 minutes)

CIMA BA2 sample video:

CIMA BA2 tuition videos - full listing
  • Introduction to management accounting (63 minutes)
  • Cost and cost behaviour (36 minutes)
  • Absorption & marginal costing (55 minutes)
  • Profit reconciliation (59 minutes)
  • Activity based costing (49 minutes)
  • Break-even analysis (57 minutes)
  • Budgeting techniques (35 minutes)
  • Budgetary control (54 minutes)
  • Standard costing I (68 minutes)
  • Standard costing II (32 minutes)
  • Cost bookkeeping (50 minutes)
  • Process costing & manufacturing accounts (44 minutes)
  • Batch and job costing (31 minutes)
  • Financial maths I (51 minutes)
  • Financial maths II (26 minutes)
  • Decision making (52 minutes)
  • Investment appraisals (47 minutes)
  • Performance evaluation (40 minutes)

CIMA BA3 sample video:

CIMA BA3 tuition videos - full listing
  • The purpose of financial reporting (95 minutes)
  • The accounting system (38 minutes)
  • The bookkeeping process (68 minutes)
  • Producing a trial balance and financial statements (73 minutes)
  • Recording transactions (65 minutes)
  • The regulatory framework (41 minutes)
  • Accruals, pay and bad debts (31 minutes)
  • Inventory (36 minutes)
  • Non-current assets (69 minutes)
  • Intangible assets (38 minutes)
  • Dealing with errors (69 minutes)
  • The manufacturing account (38 minutes)
  • Incomplete records (53 minutes)
  • The statement of cash flows (77 minutes)
  • Interpreting financial statements (51 minutes)
  • Capital structure (31 minutes)

CIMA BA4 sample video:

CIMA BA4 tuition videos - full listing
  • Ethics in business (106 minutes)
  • Ethics in practice (69 minutes)
  • Corporate governance (105 minutes)
  • The role of audit (99 minutes)
  • Internal audit (100 minutes)
  • Nature of error and fraud (34 minutes)
  • Contracts (99 minutes)
  • Contract terms (37 minutes)
  • Employment law (43 minutes)
  • Dismissal (57 minutes)
  • Legal personality and companies (58 minutes)

What our students have to say…

Please see our testimonials page for our latest student reviews. Here are a couple of examples:

Astranti has been very useful for me as I’m dyslexic. So having the ability to watch/listen the tutorials has been very beneficial as it allows me to have a visual and oral representation of the material.”

Joshua P

CIMA Certificate Student, December 2020

“I’m extremely happy with the course materials provided by Astranti. The tuition videos are very engaging and help you a lot to understand the context.”

Alessandra S

CIMA Certificate Student, December 2020

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