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Need that extra bit of help passing your strategic E3, P3 and F3 exams?

Our online courses include all the study materials you need to pass your strategic objective test exams, including:

  • Detailed syllabus study text
  • 400-600 exam practice kit questions
  • Five interactive mock exams
  • Syllabus tuition videos
  • Concise revision notes


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Study Material

All of our E3, P3 and F3 course material is available to purchase individually:

I used these guys for E3. I bought the question practice and the mock test for £49.99 and I couldn’t fault it! I’d used other well known tuition providers for a source of question practice and Astranti’s were so much better and related to the exam itself. I would definitely recommend! You also get other exam materials for free. Absolutely fantastic product and very good at preparing you for the real exam!

Fay Broderick

Passed CIMA E3, November 2017

It is the best available online tuition for the CIMA-UK qualification, I would recommend for the full course, if you want to pass on first attempt, I purchased the SCS exam full course and passed out on my first attempt, I was not at all confident before enrolling at Astranti and was really doubtful that I would make it. Thanks Astranti, thanks you for your support and guidance.

Probir Chakraborty

CIMA Strategic Case Study Course Student, August 2017

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