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Want to pass your CIMA E3, F3 and P3 exams in the quickest and easiest possible way?

We have designed high-quality online premium CIMA strategic objective test courses that will give you the very best chance of passing!

However, we know that not all students are looking for this level of support, so almost all of the course content can be purchased as standalone products too.

Whether you choose to join our courses or not, we can help you pass with:
+ Astranti’s own syllabus study text, written to make complicated topics simple
+ Detailed tuition videos giving you an expert’s take on the syllabus content
+ Access to experienced tutors and mentors
+ Five challenging mock exams for each OT exam

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What our students have to say…

“The Astranti materials are honestly great.

For F3, E3 and P3 mocks, I found the Astranti mocks were tougher than the actual exam, which is just what you need! I based all my flashcards on the written solutions to the mock exams and passed all first time.”

Mischa Pannell

CIMA Qualified, January 2023

“After returning midway to my studies after a substantial break, I knew it would be difficult to get back into the flow of studying again and reading on its own I would not be able to absorb the information and be able to self-study like I used to. The tuition video’s are a big vital part of my passes so far. Having a mentor to help you with your study plan and tuition providers on hand to help on areas that you are struggling with is great.”


CIMA Objective Test Student, April 2022