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Ethics pack

Ethics is the most commonly examined topic in all three of the case study exams.

In fact, it was directly tested in at least 35% of case study exam variants between 2021 and 2023!

And yet, in the exam, it’s often the topic for which many people write the worst answers.


It’s not a black and white, theory-based topic. It’s about rights and wrongs, values and feelings, and people often feel uncomfortable directly dealing with those issues and so miss the point in their solutions.

When you know how to answer ethics questions, though, they are straightforward. But knowing exactly what to do and practising a wide range of questions on different ethical questions is key.

Our ‘ethics pack’ has been designed to support you to do just this, perhaps giving you the crucial marks that will get you through the exam.

Included in it, you will find:
+ Our dedicated ethics video featuring Astranti CEO, Nick Best
+ Our 96-page ethics study text covering all the essential theory
+ 20 ethics-based questions to test your understanding within different scenarios

Check out our sample video, study text and questions below.

CIMA ethics

Learn this highly examinable topic

Ethics is present in almost every case study sitting

Our video and study text covers all you need to know

Along with questions to test your understanding

CIMA ethical principles

Maximise your marks

Use our ethics structure to score well on ethics questions

20 ethics-based questions to test your understanding

With in-depth solutions to help you to keep learning

CIMA case study ethics

Use your revision time efficiently

Easily fit ethics into your case study preparations

Provides content you can learn before the pre-seen is released

Learn the content and test your knowledge all in one place

What exactly do you get?

Topics that we cover:

  • Why ethics is so important at case study
  • Ethics – the theory and how to apply it to the exam
  • Corporate social responsibility – the theory and how to apply it
  • How to use CIMA’s ethical code – which the MCS examiner said could be used on almost any ethical question
  • Controlling ethics – a checklist on how to deal with ethical problems faced in the exam
  • Why students’ ethical sections are typically so poor
  • A checklist of ethical headings to consider to analyse ethical issues in depth and maximise marks
  • How to write ethical recommendations in depth
  • What the examiners say about ethics and the exam
  • A standard structure to use in the exam to maximise marks on ethics questions.

Watch our sample video

What our students have to say…

Please see our testimonials page for our latest student reviews. Here are a couple of examples:

“Great preparation for the Strategic Case Study.I had to resit the exam under the 2015 syllabus. Passed comfortably thanks to Astranti. The Mock exams and the Ethics questions are excellent preparation for exam day.”


CIMA Qualified, April 2020

“The study materials, the online masterclasses, the analysis of the case study, industry analysis, ethics analysis where vital to my passing.”

Neal Coyle

CIMA Qualified, January 2023

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Ethics pack