CIMA Strategic Objective Tests

Exam practice kits

Across our E3, F3 and P3 study texts, there are over 1,100 pages worth of study text content that you need to absorb.

Or if you’re watching our videos that’s over 50 hours of video!

That’s an awful lot to learn!

Our exam practice kits, help you through this process by allowing you to test yourself as you make your way through the syllabus, in small, manageable chunks as you complete each video or study text chapter. This means that you’ll never get too far ahead before you check your knowledge and understanding of the content to ensure you are on track!

The exam practice kits:

  • Reinforce your learning as you study
  • Test your understanding of specific syllabus topics
  • Present you with exam-style questions at an early stage
  • Link directly to the videos and study text chapters, so you can practise as you study
  • Highlight your weaknesses so you know what you need to work on
  • Come with in-depth solutions so you can learn from your mistakes.
CIMA Strategic Practice Questions
CIMA E3 Practice Questions

Test yourself as you learn

15 questions for each of our study texts chapters/videos

Meaning over 200 extra questions for each module

10 knowledge-based questions and 5 exam-style questions

CIMA F3 Practice Questions

Learn from your mistakes

Detailed solutions for each question to learn from

Redo just the questions you got wrong first time around

Fill in your knowledge gaps before attempting mock exams

CIMA P3 Practice Questions

Get a feel for the exam

Exam-style questions help you apply your knowledge

Work your way up to the real thing with shorter tests

Over 200 questions for each operational level syllabus

Try the exam practice kits for yourself…

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The exam practice kits each consist of 10 knowledge questions and 5 exam-style questions.

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E3, F3 + P3 exam practice kit questions

What our students have to say…

Please see our testimonials page for our latest student reviews. Here are a couple of examples:

“Honestly, Astranti has helped me clear all my papers in the first attempt since the day I decided to purchase the notes and kits. They provide notes and corresponding practice questions per topic. The practice questions come with detailed answers which help as you go through the syllabus and not have you spend time on the notes before your exam. Thanks to Astranti!!, it’s all I’ve been looking for and I have made up my mind to stick to it till I finish my course.”


Passed CIMA E1, December 2020

“I bought the CIMA E1 mock exams as well as their exam kit in the lead up to my real exam that I have passed today. I found the material challenging but it helped me a lot in making me think of how to apply what I had learned. I had a question for their customer service and they were very helpful. All very positive and pretty good value for money.”

Ryan Capewell

Passed CIMA E1, February 2023

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E3 Exam Practice Kit

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E3 exam practice kit + printable study text

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E3 exam practice kit +
mock exams 1-5


F3 Exam Practice Kit

Best value

F3 exam practice kit + printable study text

Value extra

F3 exam practice kit +
mock exams 1-5


P3 Exam Practice Kit

Best value

P3 exam practice kit + printable study text

Value extra

P3 exam practice kit +
mock exams 1-5


Please note that exam practice kits are an online resource and paper copies are not provided.

Note: you will get access to the online objective test materials above for 6 months after purchasing.