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So you’ve read the study text, but have you understood and remembered everything that you’ve read?

In order to find out how effective your studying has been, you need to test yourself at regular intervals, preferably whilst working your way through the study text.

Mock exams are good for testing your overall knowledge in the latter stages of your revision, however, our students have found that our chapter-by-chapter exam practice kits are best for testing your understanding whilst you learn.

The exam practice kits:

  • Test your understanding of specific syllabus topics
  • Present you with exam-style questions at an early stage
  • Link to the study text chapters, so you can practise as you study
  • Highlight your weaknesses to focus on in your remaining revision
  • Come with in-depth solutions so you can learn from your mistakes


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Why use Astranti exam practice kits?

Test yourself as you learn

  • Each chapter of the study text has a corresponding exam practice kit set of questions, meaning you can test as you go
  • Our exam-style questions are designed to be as similar to real exam questions as we can make them – we continually seek student feedback to help improve these and make them a realistic exam test

Learn from your mistakes

  • Full, detailed solutions so you can learn from your mistakes without having to refer back to the study text
  • Easy to return to the test in future and just re-do the questions you got wrong first time to ensure you’ve remembered all the key lessons
  • Fill in your knowledge gaps to ensure you pass the exam

Get a feel for the exam

  • Each chapter contains 10 knowledge-based questions to test your general understanding
  • 5 exam-style questions in each chapter help you to apply your knowledge to tougher questions to ensure you’re ready for the exam
  • 15 questions for every study text chapter means 200 – 300 questions in total depending on  syllabus length
What our students say

Please see our testimonials page for our latest student reviews. Here are a couple of examples:

“I used Astranti for E3… I bought the exam practice kit and the mock exams and I couldn’t fault them! I’d used other well known tuition providers for a source of question practice and Astranti’s were so much better and related to the exam itself. I would definitely recommend!!
You also get other exam materials for free. Absolutely fantastic product and very good at preparing you for the real exam!”

Fay Broderick

CIMA Strategic Student, November 2017

Helpful and very easy to understand. Exam bundle is great preparation for real exam!

Sam Wood via Trustpilot

CIMA Strategic Student, June 2019

Try the exam practice kits for yourself

Want to test the exam practice kits before you buy? You can! Simply create your Astranti account today and sign up for the free CIMA Strategic level membership to get access to the first 2 chapters worth of questions for CIMA E3, CIMA P3 and CIMA F3. The exam practice kits each consist of 10 knowledge questions and 5 exam style questions.

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E3 P3 + F3 exam practice kit sample questions

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E3 exam practice kit

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CIMA P3 exam practice kit:

P3 exam practice kit

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P3 exam practice kit + printable study text

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P3 exam practice kit +
mock exams 1-5


CIMA F3 exam practice kit:

F3 exam practice kit

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F3 exam practice kit + printable study text

Value extra

F3 exam practice kit +
mock exams 1-5


Please note that exam practice kits are an online resource and papercopies are not provided.

Note: you will get access to the online objective test materials above for 6 months after purchasing.

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