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Case study questions pack

Question practice is the best form of preparation for the case study exams. You practice key theory. Master exam technique. Perfect your time management. Crucially, you learn from feedback about what you get both right and wrong!

And yet practising past real exams is really hard because you don’t know the pre-seen. And, to be honest, the official solutions are not always the best as a learning tool either – they’re simply not designed for that purpose!

We’ve reviewed over 5 years of real operational case study exam questions and recreated them with their own scenario meaning you see what real questions are like without the need to learn the pre-seens. We’ve also written detailed solutions in a style you can clearly learn from and should aim to recreate for the exam.

The question pack contains 60 case study exam-style questions – the equivalent of 15 mock exams!

As these questions are not applied to a specific pre-seen they are an ideal way to practise for ANY case study sitting and can be done before your pre-seen comes out as excellent preparation.

The questions come in document format and are not timed, meaning you can make your way through them at your own pace as excellent preparation before sitting timed mocks.

“I’ve used Astranti to support a number of my CIMA exams, the materials are designed to bring the theoretical knowledge to life and prepare you for a top result. Highly recommend to any student needing some support for their studies.

Bhavik Patel

CIMA Case Study Student, April 2024

“I used Astranti FLP and can absolutely vouch for their materials. They are written in plain English and are really engaging and easy to grasp. I passed my MCS on first attempt thanks to their materials”


CIMA Case Study Student, April 2024

CIMA exam technique

Test your knowledge

60 CIMA case study exam-style questions

Based on real exams but without the need to know a pre-seen

Get some extra practice whenever you can fit it in

Pass the CIMA case study

Master your theory application

Apply your theory knowledge to exam-style scenarios

Prepare yourself for a range of possible question types

Detailed solutions demonstrate how to apply the theory


Learn from your mistakes

Solutions demonstrate how to write high-scoring answers

Assess your own performance against the solutions

Identify areas of weakness to focus your remaining revision

Try the questions for yourself…

Our OCS questions pack contains 60 exam-style questions, based on real past exams.

However, none of the questions require any previous pre-seen knowledge.

Also, due to their document format, you are not restricted to completing the questions under exam conditions, meaning you can dip in and out of the questions pack whenever is convenient for you.

Try the questions for yourself now with our five-question sample here. We’ve also provided the corresponding solutions so you can learn how high-scoring answers are constructed.

What our students have to say…

Please see our testimonials page for our latest student reviews. Here are a couple of examples:

“I have used Astranti for OCS pre-seen (their notes are a great guide and the analysis helps you familiarize with pre-seen in depth) and then went on to buy full package for both MCS and SCS and managed to get first time passes on both exams. Their material is great and the marked mocks especially help you get ready for exam writing (for which theory knowledge is not enough). Would highly recommend it to everyone!”

Gaia Catarsi

CIMA Operational Case Study Student, January 2023

“The study materials, the online masterclasses, the analysis of the case study, industry analysis, ethics analysis were vital to my passing.
But the marked mocks with feedback prepared me mostly, found some of them harder than the exam which prepared me brilliantly, helped to reduce nerves and gave me confidence for exam day.”

Neal Coyle

CIMA Strategic Case Study Student, January 2023

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