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Our exam practice kits

So you’ve read the study text, but have you understood and remembered everything that you’ve read?

In order to find out how effective your studying has been, you need to test yourself at regular intervals, preferably whilst working your way through the study text.

Mock exams are good for testing your overall knowledge in the latter stages of your revision, however, our students have found that our chapter-by-chapter exam practice kits are best for testing your understanding whilst you learn.

The exam practice kits:

  • Test your understanding of specific syllabus topics
  • Present you with exam-style questions at an early stage
  • Link to the study text chapters, so you can practice as you study
  • Highlight your weaknesses to focus on in your remaining revision
  • Come with in-depth solutions so you can learn from your mistakes
CIMA Certificate Practice Questions
CIMA Certificate exam practice kit

Test yourself as you learn

Chapter format, corresponding with our study texts

Tests your knowledge in bite-sized chunks

Exam-style questions are similar to the real exam questions

CIMA Certificate Questions

Learn from your mistakes

Solutions let you learn without referring back to the study text

Return to your test and just do the questions you got wrong

Fill in your knowledge gaps to ensure you pass the exam

CIMA Certificate questions pack

Get a feel for the exam

Each chapter contains 20 knowledge-based questions

Plus 10 exam-style questions to help you apply your learning

400-600 questions in total across each certificate exam

What our students have to say…

Please see our testimonials page for our latest student reviews. Here are a couple of examples:

“Honestly, Astranti has helped me clear all my papers in the first attempt since the day I decided to purchase the notes and kits. They provide notes and corresponding practice questions per topic. The practice questions come with detailed answers which help as you go through the syllabus and not have you spend time on the notes before your exam. Thanks to Astranti!!, it’s all I’ve been looking for and I have made up my mind to stick to it till I finish my course.”


Passed CIMA E1, December 2020

“I’ve used the free Certificate level course materials and had a good experience. I really enjoyed using the textbook which is concise, has good examples and gets to the point. The question banks are also useful as they have detailed solutions to help you learn. I would consider using them for my next Objective level exams.”


Passed CIMA Certificate Level, December 2020

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CIMA’s CGMA Finance Leadership Programme offers a route to CIMA qualification that contains no objective test exams, and it now contains a new ‘Foundational’ level.

This new level is the FLP equivalent of the Certificate level exams, meaning anyone can now join the FLP route, without needing to pass the four Certificate level exams first.

If you join FLP with Astranti, then you’ll now get access to our Foundational level library content, as well as all the regular FLP learning materials, case study courses and support that we have to offer.