CIMA Management Case Study – Mock Exams – May/August 2022

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No matter how well you know the theory and the pre-seen, unless you can use your knowledge in an exam situation, all of your revision is worthless!

To make sure you pass first time, you need to prepare yourself for even the most challenging of questions under exam conditions. That’s why we create 5 brand new mock exams for each case study sitting, each tailored to the latest pre-seen and based on topics we think you are most likely to see in your exam.

Our case study mocks will:

  • Test your overall knowledge of the syllabus and the latest pre-seen
  • Highlight your weaknesses to focus on in your remaining revision
  • Improve your time management skills in an exam environment


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  • Identify areas of weakness so you can focus your revision on the key areas for you
  • Format replicates the final exam so there are no surprises when you enter the real thing
  • Attempt the mocks as many times as you like within the sitting, so that you can keep testing yourself as you progress through your studies

Mock exam synopses

MCS mock exam 1 - synopsis

Piping has excess capacity due to the shortage of tea leaves which causes a reduction in production. Fortunately, EcoTea, a famous tea retailer has a proposal for Piping to produce and package white tea for them at a fixed price. Piping must implement target costing to be able to sell the tea at the proposed price. A team must also be set up to assess the ability of Piping to take on the challenge. In addition, EcoTea requests for credit facility with Piping so the company must use ratio analysis to determine if EcoTea is a safe creditor. Piping must also determine the functional currency of EcoTea and how this will impact on them.

The project arouses conflict between departments on the treatment of costs of samples and intervention is needed from the finance department. The financial evaluation of the proposal includes an NPV calculation and Piping must decide whether to use their WACC as the discount rate. Piping must also evaluate the project constraints in advance and identify measures to mitigate against these before they occur. The new project calls for an improvement in the communication within Piping to ensure that targets are well understood and delivered.

MCS mock exam 2 - synopsis

In this coming year, Piping considers the use of external botanists for the improvement of their existing and new products. The option to acquire Botanix raises the need to evaluate transfer pricing challenges and this, among other factors, causes Piping to abandon the acquisition option. Piping is overwhelmed with the introduction of new products and in fear of losing sight of their vision, they implement a balanced scorecard.

Piping decides to partner with Botanix in the production of a nutritional tea. The tea undergoes external analysis and pricing decisions must be made in order to come up with a price that is appropriate for this new product. Unfortunately, there is a misunderstanding with Botanix, who along the way feels Piping has breached their contract and taken sole ownership of their nutritional tea recipe. Piping must sharpen its negotiation skills to avoid litigation and a decision must be made on how to treat the compensation claim made by Botanix.

Following the scandal of the copyright infringement, Piping has decided to recruit its own botanists to join the team. Project management techniques will be applied to manage the recruitment project and sensitivity analysis will be used to assess the viability of the project.

MCS mock exam 3 - synopsis

Piping needs to quickly source an alternative supplier after Jabali, a major tea region where Piping gets most of its supplies, was hit by a natural disaster. The tea formula will change once a new supplier is found, so the need to communicate this blend change to the public is questioned. Furthermore, a risk management framework is requested for the justification of the decisions being taken during this time. Before sourcing new suppliers, Piping’s tea buying team needed a reminder of the importance of suppliers as stakeholders and the criteria for choosing suitable alternatives.

An investigation into the actions of the tea buying team leads to an evaluation of its activities as a cost centre. A previous decision to source only one supplier challenges the authority of the buying department. When an insider connection to the Jabali auction house is revealed, the Board wonders whether Piping is at risk of related party non-disclosure.

Piping eventually finds alternative suppliers but is now having quality issues with the new tea blend. Benchmarking is suggested to help with standardising the blend. It was also recommended that Piping publish an annual list of preferred suppliers on its website. The company weighs in on the impact of such publication, and its usefulness in producing an Integrated Report.

Piping is approached by Beanpod, a brew machine manufacturer, with a proposal to manufacture and sell Piping-branded tea pods. Since Beanpod runs its supply chain on blockchain technology, Piping assesses whether blockchain technology was disruptive enough to significantly affect the company’s strategy and operations. The proposal still needed to be appraised and evaluated. Piping explores competitive threats and customer risks in entering the tea pod industry.

MCS mock exam 4 - synopsis

Theme : Acquisition of TiptonTea

The impact of the acquisition of TiptonTea a small but internationally renowned tea manufacturer based in Northlandia on the six capitals of integrated reporting is considered. Also, a discussion is made on the range of long term funding options available to finance this acquisition.

The steps in preparing consolidated statement of financial position is explained and the accounting treatment of the identified issues discussed. Then the benefits and drawbacks of valuing TiptonTea’s business using a discounted cash flow approach is evaluated.

The operational risks due to the acquisition of TiptonTea are identified and discussed. Mitigation strategies are suggested using CIMA’s Risk Management Cycle. Characteristics of high performing teams are identified and ways to motivate the newly merged team of tea blenders are discussed.

The impact of the acquisition on the delivering and capturing value components of the business model is evaluated. The benefits of implementing Cost Transformation Techniques and Activity Based Management are explained.

MCS mock exam 5 - synopsis

Piping is faced with a new competitor who is growing rapidly, and gaining market share in the Northlandia tea market, through selling its tea products directly to consumers via its website. This is in comparison to most tea manufacturers, such as Piping, who follow a traditional business model of selling its tea through major retailers.

The dilemma for Piping is whether it wants to respond to this potential disruption to the industry in a bid to remain as a market leader, certainly in the medium to long term. It is therefore proposed that Piping should explore selling directly to consumers via its own website, taking advantage of its well-known brand and innovative culture.

It is questioned as to how Piping could make this strategic move a success through using digital communication tools between itself and potential customers. Then it is posed how such a venture would affect Piping’s value chain.

Piping decides to actively pursue a move into e-commerce and some details are provided of an initial proposal. It is questioned what the operating risks of this would be and how they could be managed. This is followed by considering which digital operating models it could follow to carry out this move into e-commerce successfully.

As Piping pursues this venture further, a couple of issues are raised. Firstly, the conflict has arisen within the Marketing & Distribution department where members of the account management team have had arguments with the Marketing & Distribution Director over how the organisation’s move into directly selling to consumers will negatively affect their jobs – in particular maintaining strong relationships with retail customers. It is questioned how this conflict could be handled. Secondly, it is proposed that Piping could sell annual subscription packages, paid for in advance, to consumers who would have regular boxes of tea delivered to them and an opportunity to attend a tea blending masterclass at Piping’s premises. It is suggested that this revenue could be recognised in the financial statements upon payment and then questioned whether this is correct.

Piping then turns its attention to the IT development needed to convert its existing website into a platform that allows e-commerce to take place. Since this would be a major undertaking, it is suggested that the website development be treated as a project. It is then questioned how best to approach the management of this and which performance measures would be most appropriate to monitor the progress of the project team.

MCS mock exam 6 - synopsis

Piping wants to expand the types of tea it offers customers in Northlandia and to do that, it needs to make a significant investment in research and development. However, conflict within the company hinders Piping’s ability to carry out this task. As such, the Board at Piping are keen to resolve these issues and give the Production Department more responsibility, but it needs your assistance to achieve these goals.

Once those issues have been resolved, Piping then wants to get on research and developing its line of tea pods. But it will need to evaluate the strategic risks of this project and what sources of information it can draw upon to make this decision.

To increase the odds of the project being a success, Piping will consider acquiring a coffee machine manufacturer called Grounded. Your job will be to evaluate the various challenges from this partnership, including accounting treatments and project management issues.

MCS mock exam 7 - synopsis

Piping has to issue a product recall of its new decaffeinated tea product due to misleading claims on the product labelling and in its advertising campaign. This would involve refunding eligible customers who had purchased Piping Decaf and possibly having to face lawsuits from claimants who have suffered from drinking the product (i.e. those highly sensitive to caffeine).

It is questionable whether Piping should create a provision in its accounts for the potential customer refunds and/or lawsuits. Then it is posed how the product recall would affect Piping’s WACC – in the short and long term.

Piping decides to treat the product recall as a project, and we will need to consider the skills required to be the project manager and how to best avoid project failure. Furthermore, we will be assessed on whether the product recall was evidence of quality failure within the company.

Once the product recall has been completed, the Board decides whether to develop a range of ready-to-drink products – in response to its main competitor’s actions. Again, it is questioned as to what the key operating risks would be and how this venture would impact the integrated reporting capitals.

Finally, as Piping continues to consider entering the ready-to-drink market, it is questioned how big data and other digital sources could help the Board determine whether this venture was viable and what the benefits and drawbacks of using target costing when developing this new product range.

Mock exam debrief videos

We have produced video debriefs for every one of our MCS mock exams that give you all the information you need to construct a high-quality answer. Our experienced MCS tutor analyses every question and takes you through a step-by-step guide on the best way to approach them!

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