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Our study texts

To make sure you pass first-time, you need to understand everything that you could possibly be tested on in the final exam.

We know how difficult some syllabus study texts can be to follow. Many lack any detailed explanation or meaningful examples, making it really tricky to get to grips with the content.

Our study texts help you with even the trickiest subjects by:

  • Covering the theory in an engaging manner to bring it to life

  • Giving examples throughout to ‘tell a story’, helping you get to grips with tough topics

  • Breaking difficult calculations down into steps explaining each step

If you’ve had enough of wading through enormous, highly theoretical text-books when taking your exams you’ve come to the right place!


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Our study texts

Full syllabus coverage

  • Written alongside the official CIMA syllabus to ensure that nothing that you could be tested on is left out.
  • Regularly updated based on student feedback and syllabus changes to continuously improve the learning experience.
  • Aligned with our videos, revision notes and Objective Test question bank to ensure consistency of learning through all our materials.

Minimise study time

  • We teach only what you need to pass focusing on what’s on the syllabus and nothing else.
  • Clear and simple examples bring each topic to life to help you quickly penetrate difficult topics.
  • You can both read online and print out at home: study in the way that best suits you.

Value for money

  • The first 2 chapters are completely free to use, for as long as you need in order to get that pass.
  • If you decide to purchase the full texts you’ll find these are significantly cheaper than the competitor’s texts. It’s our hope that whatever format you use you’ll love what you find and return to us for other materials.
What our students say

Please see our testimonials page for our latest student reviews. Here are a couple of examples:

Simple, easy to understand and very effective, notes are logical and very easy to follow.


CIMA Strategic Student, June 2019

“As I’m an 18 year old with NO corporate experience, I didn’t know what most of the models meant. But with the real life examples such as bakeries, local businesses and other examples in the book which are real life, it was so helpful to understand.

Leon Fambeck

CIMA Strategic Student, June 2019

Try the study texts for yourself!

The first week from our E3, P3, and F3 courses, including online study text chapters, are free to use! Simply create your Astranti account today and sign up for the free CIMA strategic level membership to get access. Still not sure? Why not take a look at the sample chapters from the study texts below before you sign up.

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F3 online/printable study text

F3 paperback study text

Note: you will get access to the online objective test materials above for 6 months after purchasing.

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