Student Testimonials

“I have used all the main accountancy tuition providers over the years, whilst completing my CIMA studies. Astranti is in my opinion by far the best, in terms of course quality, friendliness and helpfulness of staff and value for money.

Holly (my course mentor) in particular has been a joy to deal with. You never wait long for a response from the team and the level of feedback / detail provided via their mock exam marking service is far superior to that of their competitors (who charge a lot more for their courses).

Happy to have passed SCS on my 1st attempt this week, after using Astranti’s pre-seen pack + mocks and marking. Highly recommended!”


CIMA Qualified, April 2023

“The team itself at astranti are always reliable, very helpful, friendly, experienced and customer orientated. If you really want to give yourself the best possible chance of passing first time, then it is money definitely well spent.”


CIMA Strategic Student, January 2020

“I was just fortunate enough to pass my SCS exam. I have used Astranti since I started with the operational level and was fortunate enough to pass all exams first time with their help. I think what makes them amazing is that they keep in mind that most students do this part time and a lot with families as well. They keep the content to the point and use excellent industry examples to help you remember the importance of the topics. Holly, Sarah, Rameeson, Shayamala and everyone behind the scenes as Astranti, I cannot thank you enough. All the best for future endeavors.”

Magdek Wolff

CIMA Qualified, January 2023

“I honestly wouldn’t have achieved a first-time pass in the Gateway exam (pass rate ~15-18%) without the help from Astranti. I was somewhat low on budget, so I bought the essential modules including the three mock exams and the case study analysis videos. It’s absolutely great for Astranti to offer such flexibility to candidates to buy individual parts. They really work hard with the candidates in the run-up to the case study exams especially the Nick Best’s Exam Tips and Guidance and the Masterclasses and it’ll help you achieve a first-time desired pass.”


CIMA Gateway Student, July 2019

“Astranti were great in helping me pass my E1 objective test exam. I found the revision notes great which focused on the main topics rather than tons of information. They were also nicely complimented by the tuition videos. Lastly, the mock exams were great, I found them to be very similar to the real exam and felt like they prepared me better than other resources such as the CIMA Aptitude test.

Would definitely recommend Astranti to other students unsure of which tuition provider to use and I will be using them again for F1.”

Hardeep Singh

CIMA Operational Student, September 2022

“I came across Astranti study materials while preparing for my ACCA SBL exam. The material was extremely extensive and detailed and I appreciate the breakdown videos for the preseen case study, they were very helpful as well as the other documents such as the industry analysis that gave me a further insight into the industry I was going to be assessed on. The two mock exams were the cherry on top, those questions throughly equipped me for the exam and fortunately enough the exam had similar type of questions so it gave me extra confidence. I would recommend Astranti as a learning provider to anyone doing their SBL studies you will not go wrong I guarantee this.”

Izhani Nzwaligwa

ACCA Student, September 2023

2022 Astranti prizewinners

Inger Johanne – February MCS, Joint 3rd
Tom Fegen
– May OCS, Joint 4th
Ravi Jos
hi – May MCS, 1st
Roberta-Jade Ozuzu – August SCS, 3rd
Ravi Joshi
– November SCS,1st

2021 Astranti prizewinners

Szymon Rozanski – May OCS, 1st
Aaron Irons – May SCS, 1st
Steven Cross – May MCS, Joint 6th
Thomas Middlehurst
– May MCS, Joint 7th
Fiona Hastings
– May OCS, 3rd
Mushfique Mallick – August SCS, Joint 5th
Jack Buckley
– August MCS, Joint 5th
Matthew Hawkins
– November SCS, Joint 8th

2020 Astranti prizewinners

Oscar Dixon – February MCS, Joint 1st
Anne-Marie Greaves
– February MCS, Joint 4th
Harrison Todd
– February SCS, Joint 1st
Katie Tunstall
– February SCS, Joint 1st
Fiona Hastings
– May OCS, 3rd
Ciaran Boyle – May MCS, Joint 1st
Lauren Bunder
– May MCS, Joint 5th
Roberta-Jade Ozuzu 
– August OCS, 3rd

2019 Astranti prizewinners

Ryan Murphy – August OCS 2nd
Hannah Foster
– August SCS joint 1st
Krupa Nandha
– August SCS joint 1st
Robert Bent
 – August SCS 5th
Lucy Rodley
– August OCS joint 4th
Steven Bantock
– May OCS joint 3rd
Michelle de Lange
– May MCS joint 4th
– February OCS joint 3rd
Andrew Sherwood – February OCS joint 3rd
Rebecca Middleton
– February MCS joint 3rd
Sonia Dhunna – February SCS joint 1st
Devin Kruger 
– February SCS joint 1st

2018 Astranti prizewinners

Rose Fox – February OCS joint 4th
Faris Yaghmour – February MCS 1st
Rhiannon Young – February MCS joint 5th
Joshua Tonkin – February SCS joint 2nd
Maryam Khan – February SCS joint 2nd
Olayemi Olaleye – February SCS joint 2nd
Prina Desai – February SCS joint 2nd

2017 Astranti prizewinners

Thomas Wathey – August OCS 1st
Benjamin Sygo – August OCS 3rd
Annis Pears – May OCS joint 3rd
Prina Desai – May MCS 1st
Alex Bridgland – February SCS joint 4th
Ravinder Shoor – February SCS joint 4th

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