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Our students

“Today I’ve received a passing grade for the SCS exam. I’ve used Astranti for every exam that I have taken and passed them all first time. I have worked hard but having the right tools to do the job helps so much. After not sitting an exam since the MCS in May 2017 my new year’s resolution was to get my studies completed this year.

I passed the Strategic OT exams in Feb, March and April and finally the SCS in May. I didn’t anticipate being able to get through the strategic level so quickly but whilst I had the momentum and the motivation I just kept working through the full courses for each exam. There is a comprehensive range of materials and by working through it all I felt I was always ready come exam day.

The service you provide for the price the courses cost represents real value for money. For anyone studying CIMA by themselves I would only recommend your courses.”

Ben Woods

Passed CIMA SCS, May 2019

“I can highly recommend Astranti for those that like myself have studied CIMA remotely. they provided a clear structured course which when used in conjunction with mock exam feedback sets you up to pass. Although all communication is via email and that the course is over the internet I found the customer service to be excellent and the course materials to be just right.”

Stephen Dexter

CIMA Strategic Student, January 2020

“The team itself at astranti are always reliable, very helpful, friendly, experienced and customer orientated. If you really want to give yourself the best possible chance of passing first time, then it is money definitely well spent.”


CIMA Strategic Student, January 2020

“Astranti’s study materials were great, with the course summary notes really focusing on the key themes and topics, which allowed me to be more efficient with my revision time. In addition the company/industry analysis provided was so detailed and comprehensive, covering all angles. When I had an issue with one of my course bookings (I accidentally booked onto the wrong course!) their customer service team were really helpful and prompt when responding. I had my issue resolved within a couple of days. Compared to other providers Astranti are very reasonably priced and definitely give great value for money. I would highly recommend using Astranti.”

Nathan Price

CIMA Operational Student, December 2019

“I honestly wouldn’t have achieved a first-time pass in the Gateway exam (pass rate ~15-18%) without the help from Astranti. I was somewhat low on budget, so I bought the essential modules including the three mock exams and the case study analysis videos. It’s absolutely great for Astranti to offer such flexibility to candidates to buy individual parts. They really work hard with the candidates in the run-up to the case study exams especially the Nick Best’s Exam Tips and Guidance and the Masterclasses and it’ll help you achieve a first-time desired pass.”


CIMA Gateway Student, July 2019

“After comparing the price and content of the MCS Case Study Course with Astranti versus a “bigger” well-known provider, I decided to go with Astranti and I am glad I did. I found the Ethics pack particularly useful in how to approach and provide answers for all ethics questions throughout the CIMA qualification. The videos provided on the pre-seen, its’ industry and the top 10 issues were invaluable in helping me focus my studies. Feedback from my marker was really helpful and I was happy with the overall motivation from the wider team!”

Caroline Anderson

Passed CIMA MCS, July 2019

2022 Astranti prizewinners

Inger Johanne – February MCS, Joint 3rd

2021 Astranti prizewinners

Szymon Rozanski – May OCS, 1st
Aaron Irons – May SCS, 1st
Steven Cross – May MCS, Joint 6th
Thomas Middlehurst
– May MCS, Joint 7th
Fiona Hastings
– May OCS, 3rd
Mushfique Mallick – August SCS, Joint 5th
Jack Buckley
– August MCS, Joint 5th
Matthew Hawkins
– November SCS, Joint 8th

2020 Astranti prizewinners

Oscar Dixon – February MCS, Joint 1st
Anne-Marie Greaves
– February MCS, Joint 4th
Harrison Todd
– February SCS, Joint 1st
Katie Tunstall
– February SCS, Joint 1st
Fiona Hastings
– May OCS, 3rd
Ciaran Boyle – May MCS, Joint 1st
Lauren Bunder
– May MCS, Joint 5th

2019 Astranti prizewinners

Ryan Murphy – August OCS 2nd
Hannah Foster
– August SCS joint 1st
Krupa Nandha
– August SCS joint 1st
Robert Bent
 – August SCS 5th
Lucy Rodley
– August OCS joint 4th
Steven Bantock
– May OCS joint 3rd
Michelle de Lange
– May MCS joint 4th
– February OCS joint 3rd
Andrew Sherwood – February OCS joint 3rd
Rebecca Middleton
– February MCS joint 3rd
Sonia Dhunna – February SCS joint 1st
Devin Kruger 
– February SCS joint 1st

2018 Astranti prizewinners

Rose Fox – February OCS joint 4th
Faris Yaghmour – February MCS 1st
Rhiannon Young – February MCS joint 5th
Joshua Tonkin – February SCS joint 2nd
Maryam Khan – February SCS joint 2nd
Olayemi Olaleye – February SCS joint 2nd
Prina Desai – February SCS joint 2nd

2017 Astranti prizewinners

Thomas Wathey – August OCS 1st
Benjamin Sygo – August OCS 3rd
Annis Pears – May OCS joint 3rd
Prina Desai – May MCS 1st
Alex Bridgland – February SCS joint 4th
Ravinder Shoor – February SCS joint 4th

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