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CIMA Strategic Case Study

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Our full Strategic Case Study course is designed to give you everything you need in order to pass the SCS exam, including:

  • Pre-seen analysis documents and videos
  • Five full mock exams
  • Detailed marking and feedback for mocks 1 to 3
  • Two interactive full-day masterclasses
  • SCS study guides
  • Case study exam technique and theory revision videos
  • Dedicated ethics pack
  • SCS questions pack (60 exam style questions)
  • Pass guarantee scheme

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What our students have to say…

“I sat my CIMA Strategic Case Study Exam twice. The first time I sat the exam, I didn’t use your study materials and I failed completely, scoring 66. During my second attempt, I used Astranti study materials solely and I passed the second time with 86 mark. The margin between my first and second attempt says it all, QUALITY OF MATERIALS. Thank you to Astranti with such a highly quality study materials. The materials are extremely useful, direct to the points and easy to follow. It is not the size of a tuition house that determine the success of a student but quality of materials such as those used by Astranti is the ultimate and key to success in this exam. If I ever have to sit this exam again, I will definitely use Astranti materials and I will definitely recommend Astranti to any students. Thank you Nick for your constant email reminders of ToDo.”

Thomas Ojo via Trustpilot

Passed CIMA Strategic Case Study, April 2019

“The study support provided by Astranti was vital to me passing my CIMA case study exams. I would especially highlight the excellent video packages, which breakdown the pre-seen CIMA information, and also the marked mock exams feedback, which provided key insight into how to answer the case study exams to the required standard.”

Barry Braham

Passed CIMA Strategic Case Study, April 2019

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