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What our students have to say…

I only have good words for Astranti! I’ve used their Management and Strategic Case Studies, there is no way I could have passed them first time without their materials. Pretty well structured courses, with really good video analysis of the industry and relevant theory. To top it up, the mocks and their feedback were absolutely gold, they really prepare you for the real exam, teaching you how to structure your answer and what you should be writing! I have also used E3,P3 and F3 textbooks. Great quality price, providing easy examples that help you understand the theory they are trying to explain. Thanks Astranti!!!”


CIMA Strategic Case Study Student, January 2021

I have used Astranti for my CIMA SCS exam. It was one of the best tuition courses I have ever had in my long educational journey. The quality of materials and video tutorials are great, as well as the extensive questions bank. What I would like to point out, is the overall comprehensive approach that ensures that you are not only know the theory, but also prepares you for an exam by teaching you how to maximise your chance of success. The mock exam marking and feedback was extremely useful in addressing the weak areas, allowing you to focus your efforts effectively. Needless to say that I have passed the exam successfully”


CIMA Strategic Case Study Student, July 2020