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To make sure you pass first time, you need to understand everything that you could possibly be tested on in the final exam.

We know how difficult some syllabus study texts can be to follow. Many lack any detailed explanation or meaningful examples, making it really tricky to get to grips with the content.

Our study texts help you with even the trickiest subjects by:

  • Covering the theory in an engaging manner to bring it to life

  • Giving examples throughout to ‘tell a story’, helping you get to grips with tough topics

  • Breaking difficult calculations down into steps explaining each step

If you’ve had enough of wading through enormous, highly theoretical textbooks when taking your exams you’ve come to the right place!

Best of all – you can use all our certificate study texts for free! We give you our texts for free throughout the CIMA syllabus in the hope that you’ll love them and decide to use the rest of our resources to help you through your exams.

CIMA Certificate Study Texts
CIMA Certificate text books

Focused on what it takes to pass

Written alongside the official CIMA syllabus

Easy-to-follow language and useful examples throughout

Designed to simplify complex topics

CIMA Certificate syllabus text

Minimise your study time

We only teach what you need to know to pass

Simple examples bring topics to life to help your learning

Study whenever you can with our online and printable texts

CIMA certificate handbook

Great value for money

Completely free, for as long as you need them

High-quality study texts written by our highly trained team

Paperback copies available on Amazon at low prices

What our students have to say…

Please see our testimonials page for our latest student reviews. Here are a couple of examples:

“I started my CIMA Journey in January 2022 and I needed a learning provider that would help me prepare for the Certificate in Business Accounting exams. I was lucky enough to have found Astranti. Using the well constructed courses, learning materials and study planner, I was able to study effectively and pass the BA1 exam. I look forward to using Astranti to complete the rest of my exams.”


Passed CIMA BA1, April 2022

“I’ve used the free Certificate level course materials and had a good experience. I really enjoyed using the textbook which is concise, has good examples and gets to the point. The question banks are also useful as they have detailed solutions to help you learn. I would consider using them for my next Objective level exams.”


Passed CIMA Certificate Level, December 2020

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CIMA’s CGMA Finance Leadership Programme offers a route to CIMA qualification that contains no objective test exams, and it now contains a new ‘Foundational’ level.

This new level is the FLP equivalent of the Certificate level exams, meaning anyone can now join the FLP route, without needing to pass the four Certificate level exams first.

If you join FLP with Astranti, then you’ll now get access to our Foundational level library content, as well as all the regular FLP learning materials, case study courses and support that we have to offer.