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For help with any queries you might have regarding the new CIMA 2019 syllabus, we have categorised our most common queries. Click on the each query to find out more:

Have the format of the exams changed?

No, the format of the exams remain the same.

Have the number of exams changed?

No, the number of exams remains the same. In total there are 9 objective tests and 3 case study exams. Each level has 3 objective test exams and one case study exam.

Are the exams still assessed by Pearson Vue?

Yes, the exams continue to be assessed at Pearson Vue test centres.

When will the exams under the new syllabus begin?

The first objective tests took place on 4th November 2019 and the first case study exams will take place in the February 2020 exam window.

How long will Astranti's material for the 2015 Syllabus be available for?

We will only remove our 2015 materials from our website after the February 2020 case study resit exams are over AND when we have fully replaced each product with 2019 syllabus materials.

We are uploading our 2019 syllabus resources as soon as they are completed, and anyone who has access to the 2015 syllabus resources already, will have access to the 2019 syllabus materials automatically.

When will Astranti's material for the 2019 Syllabus be available?

We are currently in the process of updating our content for the new 2019 syllabus.

For the objective test exams, we are continuing to release our materials and make them available to students as soon as possible. Our aim is to have a complete set of study texts, revision notes, exam practice kits, mock exams and tuition videos in early 2020.

For the February 2020 case study, the first to be examined under the new 2019 syllabus, our content is now available for you to access.

Access our 2019 syllabus BETA products for free!

Rather than keeping you waiting, we are uploading our 2019 syllabus materials as and when they are finished, even if this means uploading individual chapters from our study texts, revision notes and exam practice kits. During this time, our 2019 materials will be completely free to use, provided you have the correct free Astranti membership.

Once we have uploaded our complete products, they will no longer be free to use, but will be available to purchase.

If you purchased the materials previously (including equivalent materials for the 2015 syllabus) you will get access to the 2019 materials until your access expiry date (typically 12 months after the purchase date).

See our latest releases page to check what products we currently have online: 2019 Syllabus Latest Releases

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