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Strategic Case Study Course - May 2017

Full course contents

Video exam guides by Nick Best

CIMA Tutor and Case Study Exam Expert Nick Best will be giving you the best advice and tips on all the key areas of the

 exam, using his many years of experience to give you precise instructions on what you need to do to pass this paper.

Our Study Text

Nick has written a complete Study Text giving you all of the key information you need to know in order to pass the

Strategic Case Study Exam.

SCS Pre-seen Materials by Peter Stiff

Pre-seen Analysis

A paragraph by paragraph video guide to the pre-seen, picking up all the key issues from the preseen and examining
how that relates to the company, and what you need to do with that information in the exam.

Strategic Analysis of the Pre-seen

A detailed Strategic Analysis of the pre-seen using the key strategic models and theories to give you an in-depth
understanding of the organisation and its position in the market. The Strategic Analysis is available in both video and
written format.

Top 10 Issues

We give our view on the 10 issues most likely to appear in the exam based on the pre-seen, along with our guide on how you would best approach these issues.

Industry Analysis

Comparisons between the fictional company to a similar real life organisation giving you all the necessary information, including wider industry analysis that you will need to know for the exam. The Industry Analysis includes both a written document and a 3 part video series.

Two Online Masterclasses - All day tuition and revision sessions

Our masterclasses are live, all day (9am-3.30pm), Exam focused events. They are hosted online and are recorded for students that cannot attend live.

Masterclass 1 - The Keys to Passing the SCS - Date: Saturday 22nd April 2017

Masterclass 2 - The Revision Masterclass - Date: Saturday 20th May 2017

Online Mock Exams

Our online system for the Case Study Exam has been endorsed and praised by CIMA- see a sample of our mock exam system here.

You will have access to 5 full mock exams which will be marked by our qualified and experienced team of markers.

We pride ourselves in providing industry leading levels of feedback on your mock exams using our unique marking checklist. You will see each mock exam marked on the same checklist so you can compare each mock and see in which areas you continue to fall down, enabling you to clarify where and how you need to improve.

As a SCS student you will be assigned your own SCS Exam Marker who will mark your mock exams and give you detailed guidance and advice. These tutors are highly experienced and know exactly what you need to do to pass.

Ethics Pack

The recent examiners report highlighted that ethical issues were often overlooked by candidates or they were only briefly addressed in their answers. To ensure that you are ready for any ethics question, we have designed a pack which contains all the information you need to know on the topic.

Personal advice and guidance

In addition to the detailed, personal mock feedback you also receive

Access to the course’s private forum:

As part of the course there will be several progress reviews to ensure you remain on track towards the exam.

The Astranti Pass Guarantee - The best guarantee in the industry

Unlike most big name CIMA tuition providers, we provide a fully comprehensive pass guarantee for our Strategic Case Study Course. We are confident that you will pass first time but should you complete the Astranti Course and go on to fail the exam, you can sit the next course absolutely free. Please read our terms and conditions and pass guarantee requirements for more information.

Comparison with major Branded Providers

Popular Branded providers classroom course

Astranti Online Course

Comprehensive Study Text

Preseen Analysis

Usually included as 1 day of the classroom course

4-5 hour in depth video tutorial which can been re-watched at your convenience

Focused tuition on how to pass the exam

Complete video series to guide you through the exam which can be watched at any time

Exam Revision Day

As part of our 2 live masterclasses we run a final exam revision day on the weekend before your exam

5 practise mock exams available

Most training companies only provide 3 mock exams for the SCS

Feedback on mock exams

Marked Mock Exams

Usually only 3 mock exams will be marked

4 marked mocks are included on the Astranti Course

Discussion and debate with other students

Online discussion pages where you can ask  questions and chat to your fellow course members

Classroom based

Experienced tutors

You may not have a tutor who is experienced in the CIMA Case Study exam

Nick Best is a leading expert on the CIMA Case Study Exams and has had experience tutoring for many years of exam sittings. All of our tutors and markers are CIMA qualified and know what it takes to pass

Online forum and discussion

We have online discussion pages where you can ask questions to your fellow course members

Ongoing tutor support

But in a class of 20-30 students it can be difficult to get your needs met or questions answered

Our online discussion pages are monitored by Nick and the Astranti Tutor team so you can get quick answers to any questions. You will also be assigned your own Mock Exam marker who can answer further questions on your scripts

Ongoing progress reviews

You will need to submit progress reports to indicate how you are progressing through the course

Industry analysis overview and guide

Flexible Learning at your convenience

All of your materials, videos and access to discussion pages are available instantly from anywhere with an Internet connection

Full pass guarantee

Usually a "resit" course is provided which does not contain the full level of tuition given in the initial course

You can sit the next full course for free should you fail to pass your exam

Well known brand

Getting there!


Up to £1800

Only £899

Our Double Guarantee

We are full confidence you will find the course is what you need to help you pass the exam and so offer two guarantees:

1.  14 day money back guarantee

If, within, 14 days of signing up you are not happy in anyway, you can obtain a full refund on the fees. We are really confident you'll find the quality of the material and support very high and will be confident that it's what you need to pass - but if you don't, you can get all your money back at any time within that first 14 day period.

2.  Pass guarantee

If you complete the full course and still don't pass the real exam, you can continue with us to the next course at no additional charge. We're very confident that people who complete the whole course will pass, but as long as you continue to complete subsequent courses, you can also continue at no additional charge, ensuring this is the last fee you’ll ever have pay for passing your exam.

As evidence of completing the full course, you will need to do a brief summary of each video, attend the Masterclasses (or summarise them if you listen later), and submit your answer scripts for the 5 mock exams according to the deadlines in the course timetable, achieving an average score of 40% in the exams as evidence of a reasonable attempt having been made.

Read some of our Testimonials

Join the Course for May 2017

One-off payment of £899

3 monthly instalments of £329

A note from Nick:

Having tutored TOPCIMA at BPP, Kaplan, Reed Business School and First Intuition, I do believe that they all provide excellent quality courses, and I would highly recommend all of them, particularly compared with trying to go it alone, which is very hard to do in this exam.

However they have significant overheads in their training centres that at Astranti we do not have, and that enables us to provide high quality courses at a significantly lower price. I do hope you decide to join us.

Join the Course for May 2017

One-off payment of £899

3 monthly instalments of £329

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