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Study Text Part 1 – How to pass the case study

The main reason why people fail the case study exam is that they don’t fully understand what it takes to pass!

To pass you need to know the theory and the pre-seen and also master the following skills:

  • Writing points in a way that scores marks (it’s harder than it sounds!)
  • Playing the role you are given in the exam
  • Effectively using the pre-seen
  • Working quickly enough to answer all parts of every question
  • Planning questions in a way that focused your answer on the key points.

Our Case Study Text Part 1 will give you the skills to pass this challenging exam with a step by step methodology to deal with each of these critical skills.

It complements our Case Study Tuition Video Series where Astranti case study expert, Peter Stiff, uses his years of CIMA teaching experience to show you how to apply these skills to pass the exam.

Sample chapters:

So what exactly do you get?
  • 239 page study text
  • 49 page pre-seen analysis proforma to analyse your own answers to mock exams

Study text content:

  • The keys to passing the strategic case study
  • The exam
  • Your role
  • How to analyse the pre-seen
  • Answering the question
  • Why you must plan your answers
  • The 9 stages of exam planning
  • Planning practice
  • Writing approach
  • Writing practice
  • How is the SCS marked?
  • Time management
  • The optimum approach to preparing for the SCS exam
  • Application to the SCS

Study Text Part 2 – Theory and the strategic case study

Theory is key to the CIMA exams, but at the strategic level, you will need to be proficient in applying theory to all areas including technical skills, business skills, people skills and leadership skills.

You have already learned all of the theory you need in order to pass, but simply don’t have time revise it all. There’s just too much!

To help you revise key knowledge, part 2 of our study text:

  • Summaries of the most commonly examined topics from E3, P3 and F3
  • Saves you the hours of revision time by focusing on the key topics
  • Reduces over 1000 pages of our full study content into one 414 page document

Sample chapters:

So what exactly do you get?
  • 414 page study text
  • Sections after each chapter for you to apply your knowledge to the pre-seen

Study text content:

  • Section A – Chapters 1 to 7: CIMA E3
  • Section B – Chapters 8 to 14: CIMA F3
  • Section B – Chapters 15 to 21: CIMA P3

What our students say

Please see our Live Testimonials Page for all our latest testimonials. Here are a couple of examples:

The best study material, summarising the syllabus into managable, easy-to-understand chapters. Great exam kits and videos, really helped me on exam and pre-seen approaches. Regular e-mails reminding me to study, with great tips from both Nick and other students. Would really recommend Astranti as CIMA study partner.

Bianca Jordaan via Trustpilot

CIMA Student, June 2019

“I passed OCS, MCS and SCS on my first attempts using the Astranti study texts. In each case I had around a week for preparation. The text books helped me to focus on key areas and let me use my study time in most efficient way. Thank you very much!”

Ayaz Abdullayev

Passed CIMA OCS, MCS & SCS, 2016 to 2017

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*2019 Syllabus: We will be uploading the 2019 syllabus materials alongside the 2015 materials as soon as they are ready for student use. By purchasing the 2015 syllabus materials, you will get automatic access to the 2019 syllabus materials when they become available.
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