Case Study Mock Exam

Strategic Level


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Case Study Exam 1


You have 3 hours to complete this exam.

There are 3 different elements with maximum times available as follows:

1. 60 minutes

2. 45 minutes

3. 75 minutes

Once you have finished one section you are NOT allowed to go back to that later, and you forfeit any spare time you may have had remaining on that section.

Note that this exam can effectively be ‘paused’ at the end of each section by not proceeding to the next stage until you are ready. Please note that this is NOT allowed for the real CIMA exam on which you have a total of 3hrs, and no more. You are advised to undertake this exam as if it were a rehearsal of the real exam and immediately proceed from one section to the next.


You can open and read the preseen information before starting the exam, to familiarise yourself with the case study. You can also review the formula tables and calculator. Use the links above to access these.

You are only allowed to use the on-screen calculator and not your own.

Scratchpad and Note Taking

You can use the scratchpad to make notes. This is available throughout the exam, so you can take notes on this from one section of the exam to another. DO NOT CLOSE your scratchpad window during the exam or you will lose any content within it. You can also make notes on paper.

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