CIMA 2019 Syllabus – Why The Change?

Find out why the CIMA syllabus changed

The last time the CIMA professional qualification was updated was in 2015. Since then, CIMA have recognised the importance of digitalisation within the world of finance, hence the inclusion of more IT related modules throughout the updated syllabus. Here are the reasons behind CIMA’s overhaul of the old syllabus and how it will help you in your accounting career:


Future-proofing accountants

  • With the rise of AI and computer based systems the role the accountant is changing
  • You will learn how to be effective as a modern day accountant and use advances in IT to your advantage

Keeping content relevant

  • The updated content will be more relevant to the Management Accountantrole you will eventually find yourself in
  • CIMA aim to continue to develop global, multi-skilled, dynamic professionals

Increase your employability

  • The up to date CIMA qualification will be more attractive to employers
  • The skills you develop will be exactly what employers are looking for in the digital age of accountancy.

To find out more details about the syllabus itself, including how it affects each module, download the CIMA syllabus document.

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