CIMA Operational Case Study – 2019 Syllabus: The New Content Study Text

Get up to speed with the 2019 syllabus

The E1, P1 and F1 syllabi have now changed. If you passed any of these exams under the old 2015 syllabus, then it’s likely that there will be gaps in your knowledge when taking on the 2019 syllabus operational case study exam!

Our updated objective test study texts do cover all of this new information. However, we know your time can be limited when preparing for the case study exams so we have put together a study text that:

  • Summarises the new content introduced with the 2019 syllabus across E1, P1 and F1
  • Saves you the hours of revision time by focusing on only the new topics
  • Reduces reading time by condensing the new content into a more manageable 307 page document
  • Enables you to transition into the new exams seamlessly
So what exactly do you get?
  • 307 page study text

Study text content:

  • Section A – chapters 1 to 13: CIMA E1 new content
  • Section B – chapters 14 to 19: CIMA F1 new content
  • Section C – chapters 20 to 23: CIMA P1 new content
CIMA OCS 2019 Syllabus

Sample chapters:

What our students say

Please see our testimonials page for our latest student reviews. Here are a couple of examples:

“Astranti were absolutely vital in helping me to pass this exam first time, the masterclasses, condensed notes and Mock exams are brilliant in preparing you for the exam. I cannot recommend them highly enough if you want the best chance of succeeding first time in your OCS exam.”


CIMA Operational Case Study Student, December 2019

Second sitting of the CIMA Operational Case Study and despite what felt like a tough exam which left me feeling not too confident managed to pass by a comfortable margin. I can only attribute this to the methodology of how to approach the exam and effective time management that was taught by Astranti. Its all too easy to get off topic and write a lot of material which is irrelevant and just repeating what you’ve already stated. Which cost me marks and ultimately the exam in my first sitting. Thanks to Astranti, the lectures and my marker for the mock exams for providing the guidance to help me pass!

Mr Calder

CIMA Operational Case Study Student, June 2019

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Please Note:

The new content study text does not include all of the theory that can be tested in the case study exam. It contains content that was only introduced with the 2019 syllabus – there is more theory that was carried over from the old syllabus that is not included, but will need to be learned. See our Theory Revision Series for more of the theory that you need.