Your exam will be based around a case study of a company. A wide range of information will be available about the company and this is made available to you about 6-8 weeks prior to the exam. You must know and understand this preseen information and have undertaken a full strategic analysis of it applying it to all the strategic subjects, so you are aware of the key issues facing the organisation and are ready to apply it to the questions you get in the exam.

Your preseen analysis though must NOT be the focus of your answer on exam day. It is there to enable you to view the unseen requirements in the context of a good understanding of the business, just as a managing director of a business is able to deal with new issues with a deep understanding of their own company. Use that knowledge to provide logical business advice.As a Senior Manager’s job role is mainly externally focused the preseen information will be predominantly ‘external’ information, but with appropriate ‘internal’ information to help you understand the company's position and put that external information into context. CIMA aim to take information about the industry in general from data the public domain but it will be tailored to the specifics of the case study company.

It very important that you have a good understanding of the industry and the market that the pre-seen company operates in prior to the exam. This will further enhance your answers in the exam and show to the examiner that you’ve done your research.

The team here at Astranti have produced our own Industry Analysis. This will help to you achieve a wider perspective of the industry and build a deeper knowledge in preparation for the exam.