CIMA insist that this exam is not a test of typing speed and that an average speed of 20 words per minute will get you an answer long enough to be a good pass. While that may be true, our experience of computer based case studies going back to 2006 when they were introduced is that the longer the scripts the more points that could be made and the greater the level of depth that the students go into. Longer scripts normally do score higher! As such it is vital that you aim to type as quickly as you can and write as much as you can without compromising on the quality of your work.

For the majority of CIMA students who use computers regularly, most from a very young age, tying speed will not be a barrier. Some CIMA students come from countries where PC use is not a part of their everyday activity and if you think this might be you then it would definitely be advisable for you to to practise your typing to improve it prior to the exam. Your goal should be to get to a minimum of 20 words per minute. Ideally though, the faster the better!

If you want to find your own typing speed then just search online using the term “test typing speed” and you will find a host of free online typing tests you can take to test your speed along with a range of tools to help you improve.