The exam is 3 hours in length if you take the full time available in each section.There will be 3 sections to the exam each with their own individual amount of time allocated. While the average length of each section is, of course, one hour in length any one section could be either longer or shorter in length. Once you've ended a section you can't go back! Once the time allocated for a particular section is completed that's it! The computer will automatically close that section and you will have to move on. You will not be allowed to write any more and you will not be able to go back to that section later on in the exam. If you choose to end a session early, then that's it too – no going back, even though you had some time left on that section when you stopped doing it.

You have to do the 3 sections in order – there is no choice to do the section you like the best first. Ideas you have later on can not be added in either – you have to get it right first time! This is a highly time-pressured exam with new information to be taken in, planning to be done and advice to be given all within restricted deadlines and so it is a real test for your time management technique. It may well be the most important skill you need to master to pass.

For helpful advice on how to manage your time see our Course Videos.