About SCS Mock 4

This mock is difficult. There is a lot of unseen content to digest and time management is key. Students will need to understand how an acquisition of a company to exploit a growing market (of own production dramas), will itself have challenges both strategically and operationally.

The first section of the mock starts with an analysis of poor CGI quality in a new drama series which will result in reputation and strategic risk. It also looks at how a post completion audit (PCA) will improve delivery of the late drama series.

The next section looks at how to value a target company (CGI specialist) using various valuation methods. It also discusses the importance of change leadership in order to make the acquisition a success.

The final section looks at reasons why acquisitions fail. It also explores the ethical issue of a director’s conflict of interest relating to the proposed acquisition. Acquisition financing is also touched upon as well as how to manage the issue of staff redundancies during post-merger rationalisation.