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Ethics Pack - A tuition and revision pack suitable for all CIMA case study exams

Our Ethics Pack will be extremely useful to students taking their case study exams across ALL levels, OCS, MCS and SCS.

Ethics is a highly examinable topic and has appeared in every case study since they were introduced in 2015.

To give you an idea of just how often this topic is tested, please see the table to the right.

As you can see ethics is a vital topic for you to revise, as there is around a 70% chance that you will get a variant that includes ethical issues.

Past Examiners Reports also mentioned that ethical issues were often overlooked by candidates or they were only briefly addressed in their answers. To ensure that you are ready for any ethics question, we have a designed a pack which contains all the information you need to know on topic.

The Ethics Pack is a combination of a video and an e-book. It covers areas such as:

  • Why ethics is so important at case study
  • Ethics - the theory and how to apply to the exam
  • Corporate Social responsibility - the theory and how to apply it
  • How to use CIMA's ethical code - which the OCS examiner said could be used on almost any ethical question.
  • Controlling ethics - a checklist on how to deal with ethical problems faced in the exam
  • Why students ethical sections are typically so poor
  • A checklist of ethical headings to consider to analyse ethical issues in depth and maximise marks
  • How to write ethical recommendations in depth
  • What the examiners say about ethics and the exam
  • A standard structure to use in the exam to maximise marks on ethics questions.



Ethics E-book - Sample


                         Alternative link


Ethics Video - Sample


Ethics Pack

CIMA P1 Tuition Videos

Ethics Pack



Numbers of variants that included Ethics

February 2017 Exams

10/15 Variants

May 2017 Exams

11/15 Variants

August 2017 Exams

7/15 Variants

November 2017 Exams

8/15 Variants