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Being a senior manager can be challenging! There are so many elements that are your responsibility and that you’ll be held accountable for.

If you’re looking to develop your strategic management and leadership practice, our CMI level 7 courses contain a breadth of units which are reflective of the tasks and activities required by managers in roles such as senior managers, regional management and specialist managers.

In short, you’ll become a better senior manager by learning:

  • An in-depth knowledge of strategic leadership
  • How to effectively lead and develop people
  • Develop and influence an organisation’s strategic direction
  • Understand the scope, context and complexity of change
  • The reasons for strategic risk management and how to lead these initiatives successfully!
  • And so much more
CMI Level 7 Course

What you’ll get out of joining

A course focused on you

  • Tutor support – guiding you through both the content and your assignments
  • Focuses on the skills that you need to advance your career
  • Flexible and on-demand – works around your life and schedule
  • Access to our exclusive online community – connect to your tutor and other students
  • Future proof your career – learning skills a computer can’t replicate

Essential leadership skills

  • Build and empower stronger teams
  • Learn the skills needed to drive your own and your team’s performance
  • Improve your communication and become a more respected manager
  • Think more strategically and lead your organisation’s growth

A respected qualification

  • Join the CMI community of over 143,000 members
  • 88% of CMI members said it increased their confidence as a leader
  • £13,000 pay rise on average when qualified as a chartered manager
  • 76% of members say that Chartered Manager status provides the “ultimate competitive advantage”
  • Learn more about CMI
Course details

At Astranti, we have over 20 years of experience in professional education. 

Our approach has always been to make our content as easy to understand and use as possible whilst providing unrivalled customer service and learner support.

On our course, you will find:

Online study resources accessible anywhere, anytime – work around your schedule with 24/7 access to all content.

Unrivalled customer support – got a question about the course or CMI? Our team will be happy to help!


An explanation of all the key topics that you need to be aware of, helping you complete your assignments efficiently.

Unlimited tutor support for any theory or assignment-specific question.

Hundreds of hours of on-demand content through management direct, which you’ll keep for life.


Free access to the assignment technique course – to help you complete your assignment tasks as easily and effectively as possible.

This is what your typical module completion plan will look like:

Pick your modules

CMI offers three different level 7 qualifications! The Award, Certificate and Diploma. Each requires a different level of study time and is worth a different number of credits.

You’ll need to select your units based on the minimum number of credits required for your chosen qualification.

In order to achieve your chartered manager status, you’ll need to complete the CMI level 7 diploma.

Explore our units below and use our credits calculator to see the total credits from your chosen units.

Award Certificate Diploma
7 credits 14 credits 37 credits
70 hours 140 hours 370 hours
1 to 3 months 3 to 6 months 6 to 12 months

701 - Strategic Leadership

Equip yourself with an in-depth understanding of strategic leadership within an organisational context. You will explore the complexities of the role and the theoretical perspectives, approaches, behaviours and skills which can enhance your professional practice.

11 Credits


Total Time - 110 Hours

702 - Leading and Developing People

Develop an in-depth understanding of how to effectively lead and develop people. You will explore the influence and impact of leadership theories, culture, wellbeing, development and design, policy and strategy that can be used creatively within the leadership role.

10 Credits


Total Time - 100 Hours

703 - Collaboration and Partnerships

By the end of this module, you’ll know all about collaborative and partnership arrangements. You will be able to critically assess the scope and value of these, as well as evaluate the impact of organisational and legal frameworks on how these arrangements are delivered.

7 Credits


Total Time - 70 Hours

704 - Developing Organisational Strategy

Learn how to develop and influence an organisation’s strategic direction through the development of a meaningful strategy. To support this outcome, you will critique the factors which drive the development of organisational strategy and appraise approaches to successfully develop strategy.

9 Credits


Total Time - 90 Hours

705 - Leading Strategic Change

The aim of this unit is for you to understand the scope, context and complexity of leading strategic change. You will understand how the application of analytical techniques, theories and models of change, and creative problem-solving can be used to equip yourself to lead strategic change with confidence.

8 Credits


Total Time - 80 Hours

706 - Finance for Strategic Leaders

Learn about the scope, complexity and role of Finance within an organisational context. By the end of this module, you will know how to critically assess methods for analysing financial data and information required to make strategic decisions. Vital skills for any senior manager.

9 Credits


Total Time - 90 Hours

708 - Strategic Risk Management

The aim of this unit is to understand strategic risk management. You will critically appraise strategic risk within an organisational context and assess strategies for risk management and the leadership skills to lead risk initiatives successfully.

8 Credits


Total Time - 80 Hours

710 - Marketing Strategy

The aim of this unit is to enable yourself to understand the context in which a marketing strategy is developed. You will appraise theoretical frameworks and processes which inform strategic marketing.

8 Credits


Total Time - 80 Hours

712 - Strategic Management Project

To achieve this outcome you will develop a business case, propose a research design to inform the project’s direction and recommend project management methods and tools to structure the delivery of the project.

10 Credits


Total Time - 100 Hours

715 - Approaches to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Develop an in-depth understanding of equality, diversity and inclusion at a strategic level. You will have the opportunity to critically assess structural inequality within an organisational and societal context.

8 Credits


Total Time - 80 Hours

Our double guarantee

Our CMI level 7 course comes with a double guarantee!

1. Money back guarantee

To make sure that you are completely satisfied with our course materials and support, we have a 14-day full money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy with the course for any reason we will refund your fees. Our aim is to ensure you try our course safe in the knowledge that it won’t cost you a penny if they’re not right for you.

2. Pass guarantee

This offers you a safety net if you fail any of your assignments. Hopefully, this won’t be the case but sometimes things can go wrong! As long as you have demonstrated that you’ve completed the course in line with our pass guarantee requirements, you will be able to continue until you pass at no extra cost.

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What our satisfied students say…

Please see our testimonials page for more reviews. Here are a few examples:

“Astranti study materials are well detailed and easy to understand. 
Thank you so much Astranti for making such detailed and informed materials available.”

Obloma Flo


“Top quality!

Astranti offers good quality materials which are really helpful. Atmosphere and communication also are very good and definitely not an old-school approach. Big thanks.”



“Astranti has been very useful for me as I’m dyslexic. So having the ability to watch/listen to the tutorials has been very beneficial as it allows me to have a visual and aural representation of the material”

Joshua P


Choose your course

Every student is different which is why we offer course pathways to best suit your study needs. Take the full diploma to earn your chartered manager accreditation, or test the water with an award.

You can pay upfront or split the cost with our instalment option, simply pay the CMI registration today and the rest can be paid over five or ten months. Once you have purchased your course we’ll contact you and set up access to your chosen modules.

CMI Level 7 Award


course fee

CMI registration fee: £137
CMI assessment fee: £50

Total to pay: £407

CMI Level 7 Certificate


course fee

CMI registration fee: £210
CMI assessment fees: £100

Total to pay: £960

CMI Level 7 Certificate - Spread the cost

£150 /month

course fee
(including CMI assessment fees)

CMI registration fee: £210

Total to pay: £210 (today) + 5x £150

CMI Level 7 Diploma


course fee

CMI registration fee: £278
CMI assessment fees: £300

Total to pay: £2078

CMI Level 7 Diploma - Spread the cost

£180 /month

course fee
(including CMI assessment fees)

CMI registration fees: £278

Total to pay: £278 (today) + 10x £180

Note: CMI registration is valid for 12 months, as typically this is the maximum time it takes to complete a CMI qualification.
However, if you are unable to complete your qualification within a year, you will be required to pay any further annual registration fees.


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