CPD Course - Measuring Performance: How to Drive Your Team's Success

Strategic Risk Management

In the business world, risk is around every corner. Given its power to derail an organisation’s objectives, strategic leaders need to be vigilant, decisive and effective when it comes to managing risk.

This course provides a guide to the kind of risks strategic leaders are likely to encounter, as well as a comprehensive look at strategies and processes you can use to reduce the damage risk can do to your organisation.

8 credits and 80 total learning hours

What you’ll learn:

    • The scope of risks that typically affect an organisation so you can prepare to tackle a broad range of risks effectively
    • Current and emerging factors that influence risk so you are able to fully investigate, explain and alleviate the risks your organisation faces
    • Several strategies for managing risk so you can choose the most suitable risk management approach for your specific organisational context
    • Leadership skills and models you can employ to successfully guide your team through the process of mitigating and managing risk
    • What you need to include in a risk management framework proposal to give your organisation the best chance at delivering its strategic objectives

    How we’ll help:

    We have provided explanations of a variety of key points from the CMI syllabus, as well as a range of sources to assist you with the completion of your tasks. You will soon be fully equipped to tackle any risk that comes your way!