CPD Course - Measuring Performance: How to Drive Your Team's Success

Developing Organisational Strategy

The nature, content and delivery of an organisational strategy can make or break an organisation. A poorly developed organisational strategy can result in a drain on time, resources and funding, whilst a successful strategy will ensure it achieves its strategic goals. 

So, what exactly is an organisational strategy? What kinds of skills and factors must a manager develop and consider in order to create and implement one? This CMI course provides a guide for you that answers both of these questions, It will help you to understand:

9 credits and 90 total learning hours

What you’ll learn:

  • The internal and external factors that impact organisational strategies so you can recommend the right strategy to move your organisation forward
  • The variety of different goals that a corporate strategy can be built to achieve and how this will influence all the other strategies created within your organisation
  • The different approaches for developing and implementing strategy so you can match this to your organisation’s needs
  • The complexities of developing an organisational strategy so you can effectively respond to any challenges
  • The importance of aligning the content and structure of a strategy to a business’ circumstances to ensure they are compatible

  • How to implement and monitor an organisational strategy so your strategy stays on track

How we’ll help:

To help with this challenging topic, we’ve put together a guide providing insight into many of the key aspects of the syllabus. We’ve also provided links to additional resources to expand your knowledge of the subject areas further and assist with successful completion of the tasks. 

Soon you’ll be confident to take a leading role in developing and implementing future organisational strategy.