CPD Course - Measuring Performance: How to Drive Your Team's Success

Collaboration and Partnerships

As a manager, you will almost certainly encounter scenarios where you have to collaborate or partner with others within or outside your organisation. This can help to yield more creative ideas, increase profitability, as well as a plethora of other benefits.

However, collaboration and partnerships aren’t always plain sailing! In order to collaborate or partner successfully, you’ll first need to possess the necessary skills and knowledge. 

7 credits and 70 total learning hours

What you’ll learn:

  • How to determine if a partnership or collaboration is the best option for achieving your organisation’s goals
  • The benefits of partnerships and collaborations, allowing you to communicate, advise on and support the implementation of a successful collaboration or partnership
  • How to ensure that your proposed partnership or collaboration complies with relevant legal and organisational frameworks
  • Popular strategies and techniques to help you lead an effective partnership or collaboration
  • How you can construct a rationale for a partnership or collaboration to ensure that your team or organisation buy-in to the process

    How we’ll help:

    To help you on your way, we’ve created summaries of some of the key concepts included within this CMI syllabus, as well as providing links to valuable additional sources to help you succeed with the tasks. Before you know it, you’ll be on track for a partnership or collaboration that is a match made in heaven!