How many questions do I need to answer to pass my exam?

This is a question all students ask, but there is no easy answer!

There aren’t any specific marks per question. CIMA use scaled scores which are related to your particular paper. These are NOT just the amount of questions answered correctly.

At any one time, there are multiple versions of the CIMA objective test exams. CIMA aim to make every version equally challenging, so there will be some differences in difficulty between papers.

Objective Test scaled scores are between 0 and 150 and the pass mark is 100. However, CIMA use scaled scores to make the results fairer. 

Let’s say that Student X and Student Y got 60% of the questions correct, but that Student X sat a more difficult exam. Using the scaled scoring system, Student X will be awarded a higher score than Student Y.

In your exam, you are given a provisional Pass/Fail result immediately after completion. 48 hours after this, your score can be accessed via the CIMA Website. 

The CIMA results provide feedback on your performance in each syllabus area. You will be graded as either ‘proficient’ or ‘not-proficient’ against each of the different topics.

A student who has passed may think that their knowledge is sufficient, whilst a student who fails might believe that they lack syllabus knowledge. This isn’t necessarily true!

You can pass and still be ‘not-proficient’ in one area of the syllabus. However, you can also fail but be ‘proficient’ across all areas except one!

So, why does this matter?

Well, if you don’t pass, the results will show you the areas that you should focus on in your studies.

The content in the OT exams also form the basis of the knowledge you need for your future studies. Therefore, you need a good level of knowledge across the syllabus. Review your results, as they will show you the areas of weakness you need to focus on in your revision!

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