Here’s an interesting fact – 10% of students from our recent survey based on ‘how to pass the objective test exam’ said that they don’t attempt ANY mocks before sitting their real exam!

My advice would be to not fall into the same trap as these students!

I was really surprised at the statistic because mocks are such a vital revision tool and completing them can be the difference between an overall pass and a fail.

Why are they important? Well mocks will…

– Test your overall knowledge of the E, P and F syllabi
– Highlight your weaknesses to focus on in your revision
– Improve your time management skills in an exam environment

If you have an exam soon, I would recommend that you take between 3-5 mock exams before the big day.

AND here are 10 simple but effective tips that you can apply as you attempt your mocks… 

1. Read the question carefully before looking at the answers.

2. Understand the keywords in the question.

3. Translate the question into your own words.

4. After reading the question, come up with an answer in your head and
then see if it appears in the list of options.

5. Once you’ve identified your answer, make sure you read all the
alternatives carefully.

6. It is sometimes okay to change your first answer, but make sure you
have a good reason for doing so!

7. If you are unsure of the answer, try to think logically, don’t just guess!

8. Work backwards through the answers. Eliminate the answers you know
are incorrect first.

9. Remember the time. You have 90 minutes to answer 60 questions – that
is 1 minute and 30 seconds per question.

10. Don’t waste time, go back later to questions you are unsure about.

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