I get up early every morning, and on most mornings I exercise – running and going to the gym are my favourites!

One morning last week the plan was to go to the gym but upon waking I REALLY didn’t feel like it.

OK. I NEVER really feel like it but this morning it was 10 times worse!

BUT I’d made a plan. AND I’m in the habit of doing it. So I got up, changed and went to the gym.

Here’s the interesting thing. It was my BEST workout for a month. I started slowly because I wasn’t in the mood but after 10 minutes I was right up for it. I did my 4th best ever time on my regular circuit and felt great.

Sometimes even when you don’t feel like doing something it’s best to just do it anyway, and if you can get yourself into the habit, doing it anyway becomes much easier.

So what are the lessons here when it comes to taking your CIMA exams?

START by making a plan; something you do regularly at the same time each day or week so it just becomes a habit: 2 hours of study every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday night starting at 7pm, for instance.

NEXT, force yourself to stick to the plan for a few weeks, no matter what, so it truly becomes habitual.

FINALLY keep it going – sticking to it even when you REALLY don’t feel like it. Even if you’ve had a hard day at work. Even if you’re feeling under the weather. Even if you just can’t be bothered!

For all you know that study session might just be like my gym session last week – one of your BEST EVER!

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