Radhalakshmi Sriram – CIMA exam passed finalist

At Astranti, we’re thrilled when our students pass their exams and get a boost towards a worthwhile and rewarding career.

We’re always keen to hear the tips and tricks that are picked up whilst doing the CIMA qualification too!

For this blog post, we spoke to one of our students, Radhalakshmi Sriram. Radhalakshmi has been with us from the Operational level and all the way up to Strategic, gaining an impressive score of 104 in the final Case Study exam.

We asked Radhalakshmi a few questions about her Astranti journey and the advice that has been learnt along the way. Read on for some brilliant study advice!

1) Where did you hear about Astranti and why did you choose to study with us?

My elder brother had been a student with Astranti for the Strategic level exams and the T4B exam. He highly recommended Astranti to me when I entered the operational level of the CIMA qualification. I was impressed with the way the materials were organised for each subject and the prompt tutor support that was being provided to me through the discussion forum.

Therefore, I decided to continue with Astranti for the rest of my CIMA journey.  Astranti provided high quality materials along with excellent tutor support that they extend to the students.

2) What revision techniques did you find worked best in your revision?

For the individual subject papers of CIMA, i.e., the E,P and F papers I feel that one must go through the study text completely.  Then, work on the revision questions provided by Astranti. Lastly, take the mock exams under exam conditions to get a real feel of the exam. I studied this way for the exams and felt that I was fully prepared before sitting for the real exam.

3) If you had to choose the top three Astranti materials that you used in your revision, what would they be?

I would put the Astranti case study full course as my No.1 choice for materials. They are beautifully designed to enable students to cover all the aspects required to pass the exam. They also make students feel confident when facing the real exam.

My No.2 material would be the Astranti mock exams for the case studies and the individual subject papers. They give a real feel of the exam and show the students how well they are prepared for the exam. They also point out areas of weakness.

My No.3 choice would be the Astranti revision questions that are provided for each and every chapter within a subject. They clearly indicate how well we have studied a particular topic and also indicate our depth of understanding of that topic.

4) How did you find the tutor support at Astranti?

The tutor support at Astranti is just amazing. I have been studying with Astranti since the operational level and there has not been a single instance where my doubts and queries have remained unanswered. The subject tutors are so supportive and patiently answer all the questions that are posted on the discussion forum. We can keep asking questions till the time we are sure about the subject topic. The tutors are so supportive in ensuring that we are confident with the topics.

5) What advice would you give to students who are currently undertaking the CIMA qualification?

I would like to tell the current CIMA students to have a clear plan to progress through the qualification. It is the most important thing to begin with. They should be absolutely clear about the order of exams that they would be taking. They also need to know how they are going to prepare for the exams.

I would suggest that they should just take one material and go ahead with whatever is provided in that. Studying too many books written by different authors would be confusing. Therefore, for example, if they choose to go ahead with Astranti, then they should completely rely on the Astranti materials and ensure that they are 100% sure about the subject topics. This way they can maximise their chances of succeeding in the exam.

Of course, I would suggest any CIMA student to go ahead with Astranti since their materials are excellent and also affordable at the same time. This combination of quality and affordability is difficult to get and hence Astranti should be one of the top choices for any CIMA student!

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