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I want to earn my CPD

The Astranti Introduction to Financial Leadership is a great, practical way to earn your CPD!

This short course is worth over 21 hours of verifiable CPD and will provide a solid introduction to the leadership principles you need to become a better leader!

Tailored to finance professionals, this CPD course is ideal for qualified accountants looking to achieve their annual CPD requirements whilst learning some valuable skills at the same time.

I want to become a leader

If your goal is to advance your career then the Astranti Leadership for Finance Managers Course is for you!

This course is based on the Chartered Manager Level 5 Diploma and will earn you ‘chartered manager’ status.

Tailored to finance professionals, this course will give you all the tools you need to become a better leader and apply your learning in the workplace.

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“I’ve always found Astranti material easier to follow than other providers. Astranti material provides more informal, easy to follow notes with a good amount of real-life examples.

Bethany Willmer via Trustpilot

Astranti customer, 2019

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“Astranti study materials are well detailed and easy to understand. 
Thank you so much Astranti for making such detailed and informed materials available.”

Obloma Flo via Trustpilot

Astranti customer, 2020

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