Over the last few years, I’ve been posting weekly Facebook tips to provide you with my BEST advice on how to pass your exams.

So, in this blog post, I thought I’d go through them select some of my favourites for you. Ones that I think will really make a big difference to your OT exams.

AND here are six really good one for you, just click on the link to find out more…

1) Don’t change your exam date, stick to it

My first tip! I see so many people delay and delay and delay their exams. That’s not a good strategy…

2) Study habits

Good habits can make your life more efficient. If you study little and often you will avoid having to stay up the night before your exam and improve your work-life balance. HOWEVER, how do you do that?

3) How to deal with ‘select all that apply’ questions

These are the hardest questions in OT exams, so what’s a good strategy to deal with them?

4) Get motivated and STAY motivated

Procrastination is the enemy of motivation – don’t fall into this trap during your revision. Here are 11 tips to help!

5) Don’t get hung up on hard questions

Your OT exams will include a whole range of questions ranging in difficulty. Therefore, don’t let one hard question ruin your chances of passing…

6) When the going gets tough, keep on going!

Lastly, perseverance is the key success. Ask any successful person…

I hope you enjoy these, but above all, please also DO them too!

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