My FOUR secret steps to ‘Golden Revision’…

Many moons ago, when I was preparing for my own exams, I remember spending hours worrying about everything I needed to get through. Sometimes I found it hard to get started as it was so overwhelming. However, when I did get down to it, my mind was more rock than sponge when it came to absorbing information. I would spend all afternoon on a topic and would have made minimal progress by the end.

So what’s the solution? Firstly, I needed to stop worrying about the volume of work and look at short term manageable chunks. Therefore, I created a plan! After this, I knew that as long as I stuck to the plan, I would have enough time to cover EVERYTHING. The plan allowed me to focus purely on the task that was in front of me and nothing more.

Yet more importantly I discovered my time became a LOT more FOCUSED, and I came up with what I termed ‘Golden Revision’. One hour sessions of focused revision based around this clear plan.

Why not try out my 4 step study plan for ‘Golden Revision’…

Step 1: Make a list of EVERY topic you need to cover.

Step 2: Draw up a table, breaking down all your available time slots between now and your exam into 1 hour periods.

Step 3: Populate every available hour on the table until every topic has been added.

Step 4: In conclusion: Stick to it! If you do miss a session, change your plan around to keep it manageable.

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