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With over 17 years dedicated to educating accountants, we’ve meticulously honed our courses to deliver precisely what your team requires to excel in the workplace.

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+ Our top 8 accountancy CPD courses
+ Our CPD advice email newsletter
+ 14 hours worth of verifiable CPD

Introduction to AI in Accounting
  • Understanding the basics of AI and its applications in the accounting industry.
  • Provide an overview of how AI is reshaping the accounting landscape currently and in the future.
  • 1 hour of verifiable CPD
2024 Tax Updates
  • Discover the latest changes and updates in tax regulations for the year 2024, ensuring that you are well-informed and equipped
  • 1 hour of verifiable CPD
2024 AML Updates
  • Stay compliant, understand the latest anti-money laundering regulations, and enhance your strategies to mitigate money laundering risks effectively.
  • 1 hours of verifiable CPD
2024 IFRS Updates
  • Unlock the potential savings for your clients by exploring the latest opportunities, deductions, and credits, to ensure you maximise their tax benefits
  • 1 hour of verifiable CPD
Traits of a Winning Team
  • Discover techniques and practical actionsthat you can apply to your team to ensure it remains productive, engaged and successful.
  • 4 hours of verifiable CPD
How to build a Productive Team
  • Learn how to create and maintain an environment that fosters a supportive, collaborative team and, when tensions arise, how to resolve them quickly and effectively.
  • 4 hours of verifiable CPD
Intro to Financial Modelling
  • Improve your advance Excel skills and explore the key traits you need to become a great financial modeller. 
  • 1 hour of verifiable CPD
2024 Audit Updates
  • Explore changes in auditing standards, regulations, and best practices to ensure accuracy and compliance in your financial assessments.
  • 1 hour of verifiable CPD

What our customers have to say…

“I couldn’t recommend Astranti enough! I used them throughout my case study preparations and found their materials prepared me so well for the exams, meaning I was confident in all aspects from exam technique to theory to case study analysis. Mock exams and suggested solutions are brilliant for preparing for the exam, and many topics covered by Astranti are often present in the real exam. The team are very knowledgeable and always available to answer any queries.”

Edel Treacy

January 2024

“First class learning materials. I have used the Astranti study packs for the pre-seen content regarding the CIMA qualifications case study exams. The analysis and guides have provided me with the in-depth and extra knowledge that is needed to do well when it comes to taking the exams. The top 10 issues and strategic analysis videos are gamechangers and I would highly recommend them to any other students who are approaching their case study exams. I would have happily paid double for the value that is delivered by Astranti.

Chris Pullinger

May 2022

“THE BEST TRAINING PROVIDER! I worked with Astranti in sitting all three of my CIMA Case Study exams and thoroughly enjoyed each sitting. Their training materials, tutors and schedules have been first class and by using them I managed to pass all of my exams first time. They have always been professional yet personable. Friendly emails and 24 hour support has been much appreciated during my years of study. I would say working with Astranti is a must for anyone looking to complete their CIMA journey.


January 2024

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