CPD Financial Manager Course
IT and Finance CPD Courses
Over the past fifty years, the role of IT in accounting (and every other sphere of business and finance) has grown unstoppably. Understanding the importance of IT and being able to exploit it for the benefit of your organisation is no longer an additional skill, it is vital.

The courses below contain some of the key knowledge you’ll need in order to understand the current state of finance and its relation to IT, as well as to prepare for the changes that are going to become increasingly prominent in the years and decades to come. 


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Our IT and Finance Courses:

How to Manage Remote and Multidisciplinary Teams

This course will give you the tools you need to more effectively manage teams split into remote locations or that have a multidisciplinary focus.



4 Hours

Using Data in Finance

By taking this course, you will gain the necessary knowledge for understanding how data is being used in finance, so that you will be prepared to use it yourself.



8 Hours

How to Create Value in the Digital World

This course will take you through how businesses in the modern digital world can create the most value from themselves and their stakeholders.



12 Hours

Cybersecurity for Finance Professionals

Computer-based threats are a greater risk to businesses than ever. This course is designed to provide you with key knowledge on these threats and how they can be effectively managed.

Coming soon


21 Hours

Astranti Leadership for Finance Managers

Looking to really push on and take the next step in your career?

Then the Astranti Leadership for Finance Managers Course might just be the course for you!

A unique and practical course:

  • Where you’ll learn the skills you need to become a better manager or leader
  • Granting you chartered manager status, through gaining a Chartered Management Institute (CMI) professional qualification, which will look great on your CV!
  • Tailored specifically to finance professionals
  • That will show you exactly how to apply your learning in the workplace
  • That will improve your individual and team performance
  • Delivered by a CMI accredited study centre
Why join our courses?

Fulfil your CPD requirements

  • Adapt to an ever-changing world – accounting is constantly evolving, so you don’t want to get left behind
  • Earn a certificate of completion you can use as evidence towards your annual CPD requirements

Focused on your needs

  • Target the knowledge and skills that can help you advance your career in accounting
  • A flexible and on-demand approach to fit your busy schedule
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest standards for your profession

Become better at what you do

  • Future-proof your career and learn relevant skills that won’t be automated or become obsolete
  • Undertake practical exercises that will empower you to confidently apply what you’ve learnt in your own organisation
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I can’t recommend them highly enough.”





Mark Smith via Trustpilot

Astranti customer, 2020

“Astranti study materials are well detailed and easy to understand.
Thank you so much Astranti for making such detailed and informed materials available.”




Obloma Flo via Trustpilot

Astranti customer, 2020

“Top quality!

Astranti offers good quality materials which are really helpful. Atmosphere and communication also are very good and definitely not an old school approach. Big thanks.


Lars via Trustpilot

Astranti customer, 2020

Astranti has been very useful for me as I’m dyslexic. So having the ability to watch/listen the tutorials has been very beneficial as it allows me to have a visual and oral representation of the material”




Joshua P via Trustpilot

Astranti customer, 2020

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