Economics CPD Courses

‘Money makes the world go round.’ But, in this world run by money, do you understand how it all works? Why do prices change and increase with the years? What role do governments play in the marketplace? What do the terms supply and demand actually mean? What are financial instruments?

If you have ever wondered about the answers to these questions, these courses on economics could be the perfect way for you to increase your general understanding. And, if you have a great understanding of the economy and financial markets, you will have a greater understanding and ability to predict what could happen within these areas.

Check out the courses below to learn about economics and how they impact the world of business and accounting.

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Our Economics Courses:

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Understanding Supply, Demand and Price

Through this course, you can develop a greater understanding of how to help your organisation adapt to shifting demand and supply and come out on top.



12 Hours

CPD Course - An Introduction to Financial Markets

An Introduction to Financial Markets

This course can provide you with an introduction to how the financial system works, and how institutions and individuals operate in it.



12 Hours

CPD Course - An Introduction to Index Numbers

An Introduction to Index Numbers

Understanding how to interpret index numbers, as you’ll learn on this course, can help you deliver valuable insights into your business and improve its decision-making.



4 Hours

CPD Course: An Introduction to Macroeconomics

An Introduction to Macroeconomics

If you want to understand how money and the world of business fundamentally works, this is the course for you. With it, you can also better understand how your own business works.



21 Hours

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