CPD Course: How to Manage Remote and Multidisciplinary Teams

How to Manage Remote and Multidisclipinary Teams

With the advent of digital technologies and in a post-COVID world, almost all managers are now faced with the challenge of managing staff based in multiple locations. It can be tough to keep team spirit high, monitor progress and build relationships when people are not located together, having to support and develop people from afar.  

The challenges are similar when managing a multidisciplinary team with team members that have different skills and perspectives – even more so when team members are also remote, as they often are in these teams! 

This course is designed to highlight the key challenges faced when managing a remote or multidisciplinary team and support you in developing strategies to overcome these challenges, ultimately allowing you to boost your team’s performance.

Provides 8 hours of CPD

What you’ll learn:

    • The main challenges of working in remote teams and how to overcome these to improve communication and build excellent team relationships
    • Ways to measure and manage a team’s performance from separate locations to ensure productivity remains unaffected by remote working
    • Robinson, Perryman and Hayday’s Drivers of Employee Engagement and how to apply this in a remote environment to boost or maintain your team members’ motivation
    • The key challenges of managing a multidisciplinary team and how to master these to ensure your team works together seamlessly 
    • How to communicate with and coordinate people with a range of expertise to ensure targets are met – even when you lack an in-depth understanding of their job role!
    Applying what you learn:
    This is a highly practical course. Alongside these topics, we’ve provided a workbook to help you apply the key concepts to your own role. This will provide you with practical steps that you can implement to help you and your team excel – regardless of the challenges that remote or multidisciplinary working may throw your way!

    What’s included in the course?


    • Thoroughly explores the concepts, theories and models for this topic
    • The content is professionally explained by our expert tutors alongside a visual presentation
    • Come with downloadable audio files so you can listen to the content offline and on the go


    • Full coverage of the video content using engaging and easy-to-follow language
    • A range of examples to show you how these concepts might apply to real-life situations, e.g. in finance
    • A practical exercise for each module based on the subject’s application in a finance team


    • A series of exercises purpose-written for the course
    • Designed to get you to apply what you’ve learned to yourself and to your own organisation
    • Can be used as a basis to make suggestions or improvements in your team or organisation

    Presentation slides

    • The visual presentation from the video can be accessed for note-taking and for browsing alongside the video or audio download
    • Can be viewed as still slides or in an interactive format to move around the screen

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