Meet the Astranti Team

How can we help you?

Astranti has been helping people to get the qualifications they need for the last two decades.

However, we’ve changed a bit over the years and now help more than just accountancy professionals.

Find out more about each of our teaching divisions below.

Accountancy (CIMA)

Where it all began. Astranti began life in 2002 with CEO Nick Best tutoring students for the highest-level CIMA exam, Top CIMA.

Since then, the CIMA syllabus has changed significantly, and so too has Astranti!

The team grew, as did the range of student support that we could offer, resulting in the Astranti that you see today, offering tuition to all of the CIMA exams.

If you’re studying CIMA, or are keen to get started on your management accounting career, take a look at how we can help you get there.

Management & Leadership (CMI)

Keeping with the Chartered theme, our management and leadership courses focus on qualifications from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

Being one of the most prestigious management and leadership qualification bodies, adding a CMI qualification to your C.V. will give you the skills that you need to progress up the management ladder.

Our remote CMI courses are blended with CMI’s own ManagementDirect system, so not only do you get all the best support throughout your course, but you know you receive all the best learning resources too.

Counselling (CPCAB/BACP)

Sitting within the Astranti group, Astranti Connect is a specialist in quality counselling training. All our CPCAB counselling training courses are designed and delivered by our team of qualified experts and practising therapists, people who understand what is involved in working as an effective & successful counsellor.

We are passionate about counselling and the counselling profession. For us it is more than a job, it’s a way of life! So if you’d like to become a counsellor, check out the Astranti Connect website today. You can also find out more about counselling training in each of our centre locations here: Bristol counselling courses | Sheffield counselling coursesNorwich counselling courses | Manchester counselling courses

Finance CPD & Excel

Gaining qualifications is one thing, but continuing to grow skills and develop your knowledge is another thing altogether!

That’s why we have developed a suite of over 60 CPD courses designed for business and finance professionals specifically.

We also expanded our range to include our Microsoft Excel course, which fills the gap left by many professional accounting qualifications. Beyond that, Excel certification is also a fantastic addition to your C.V. in general.