Financial Risks

Financial risk is an inevitable part of business. It’s how financial risk is managed that separates a thriving organisation from a floundering one. Finance professionals play an integral role in this process, identifying, monitoring and mitigating the specific financial risks an organisation is exposed to.

This course is designed to broaden your understanding of the most important types of financial risk an organisation can face, with a particular focus on currency and interest rate risk. We’ll examine tried-and-tested methods for quantifying and mitigating these risks so that you can help an organisation to navigate financial risk successfully, minimising potential losses and maximising returns.

Provides 16 hours of CPD

What you’ll learn:

    • The key types of financial risks an organisation can face so that you’re better prepared to identify and anticipate them 
    • How to quantify risk using value at risk, expected values and standard deviation to help you assess and communicate the risks associated with investments
    • Transaction risk and translation risk and how they can be mitigated to develop your awareness of how these crucial types of currency risk can be managed
    • Need-to-know exchange rate terminology to ensure you’re able to understand and contribute to discussions on the topic
    • The interest rate parity theory, purchasing power parity theory and Fisher effect and how these theories can be used to predict currency movements 
    • The pros and cons of key currency hedging techniques, to help you evaluate the usage of different techniques in different circumstances
    • Interest rate risk and approaches to managing it to ensure that the business’s borrowing costs stay low and the business maintains a risk profile that matches its investors’ risk appetite

    Applying what you learn:
    Alongside all of this, we also provide a comprehensive set of practice questions to help you solidify your knowledge of financial risks so that you’re ready to identify and manage some of the most important threats an organisation can face.

    What’s included in the course?


    • Thoroughly explores the concepts, theories and models for this topic
    • The content is professionally explained by our expert tutors alongside a visual presentation
    • Come with downloadable audio files so you can listen to the content offline and on the go


    • Full coverage of the video content using engaging and easy-to-follow language
    • A range of examples to show you how these concepts might apply to real-life situations, e.g. in finance
    • A practical exercise for each module based on the subject’s application in a finance team

    Practice questions

    • A series of questions designed to test your understanding of what you’ve learnt on the course
    • Designed to get you to apply what you’ve learned to scenarios and commit the theory to memory

    Presentation slides

    • The visual presentation from the video can be accessed for note-taking and for browsing alongside the video or audio download
    • Can be viewed as still slides or in an interactive format to move around the screen

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