CPD Course: Managing Remote Teams

The Fundamentals of Leadership

Great leadership is rather like an onion – it’s formed of layers! On the outside, you, as a leader, need to be flexible to adapt to changing circumstances and individual team members’ needs, But, peeling back the layers, you’ll find there are a few fundamental leadership practices and roles that are vital to any leader’s success – including your own! There are the core foundations on which your leadership stands or fails.

In this course, we will review what these essentials are, together with the practical ways in which you can develop them.

Provides 16 hours of CPD

  • The roles and responsibilities that you need to adopt so that you can bring your best self to work and get the most out of your team 
  • How to lead responsibly, whilst also considering your ethics and values, in order to meet the needs of your company’s differing stakeholders
  • Obstacles to your leadership that you might encounter, both inside and outside your organisation, and how you can respond to these effectively

This is a highly practical course. We have provided you with exercises throughout the material that will enable you to produce a tailor-made action plan for you to take back to your role, ensuring that you’ll be well on your way to demonstrating the fundamental leadership practices you need for success!

By returning your completed workbook, you can earn a certificate of completion for your completed CPD hours.

What’s included in the course?


  • Thoroughly explores the concepts, theories and models for this topic
  • The content is professionally explained by our expert tutors alongside a visual presentation
  • Come with downloadable audio files so you can listen to the content offline and on the go


  • Full coverage of the video content using engaging and easy-to-follow language
  • A range of examples to show you how these concepts might apply to real-life situations, e.g. in finance
  • A practical exercise for each module based on the subject’s application in a finance team


  • A series of exercises purpose-written for the course
  • Designed to get you to apply what you’ve learned to yourself and to your own organisation
  • Can be used as a basis to make suggestions or improvements in your team or organisation

Presentation slides

  • The visual presentation from the video can be accessed for note-taking and for browsing alongside the video or audio download
  • Can be viewed as still slides or in an interactive format to move around the screen

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Astranti CPD Course:
The Fundamentals of Leadership


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